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Launched in 1987, the Ruf CTR Yellowbird had been beaten to 60mph by Porsche's factory offering, the 959. It would however go on to 211mph in a drag race, 'The Worlds Fastest Car' organised by Road & Track magazine in 1987. Two years later, the now famed video 'Faszination on the Nurburgring' of the CTR with Ruf test driver Stefan Roser at the wheel demonstrated just how comprehensively upgraded and re-engineered the car was. The 'Yellowbird' was some 200kg lighter than the standard Carrera 3.2 on which it was based, and with an enlarged block and added turbocharger taking it to 463bhp, considerably more powerful. The Ruf philosophy was to use the narrow bodied cars unlike the wider, factory Turbos, for vastly improved aerodynamic efficiency and higher top speed.

When Porsche updated the 911 in 1989 it introduced the far superior 964 generation car, a car which offered an almost completely new platform whilst retaining the familiar 911 shape. Offering 247hp in the standard Carrera 2, it was a car ripe for upgrades. Porsche introduced the 964 Turbo 3.3 in 1990 but unfortunately the new engine hadn't been readied in time and so the previous 3.3l from the 930 was reused. Production lasted three years until the arrival of the new 3.6l and upping power from 320hp to 355hp.

Ruf developed the RCT package for the 964, the engine gained a single turbocharger, uprated brakes, suspension and saw power rise from the 247bhp to 370bhp, all sat within a narrow bodied 911 shell. The RCT package could also replace the Porsche 5 speed gearbox with a Ruf 6 speed. Ruf built cars gained a W09 chassis number, and many other intricacies. Ruf built cars sometimes benefitted from the removal of rain gutters, cleaning the lines and aiding aerodynamics. Ruf also added a lift-reducing front splitter and a rear wing for downforce.

This factory built, W09 RUF chassis numbered, RCT was delivered new to Norway in 1992 in Silver over dark blue leather. These Ruf chassis numbered cars are most sought after, ahead of Porsche chassis numbered cars that were upgraded after delivery as opposed to from new. This car remained in Norway until a comprehensive, bare shell strip down, respray and restoration was executed in 2015, at which point the colour changed to Riviera Blue over black.

The car was sent back to the factory at this time for upgrades including an integrated cage being fitted and the rain gutters removed, it was then re-assembled by Porsche Centre Sonn and has covered just 8,000km since remaining today in concours condition. At the time of its restoration it was also upgraded to full RCT EVO specification. This means the 3.6l flat six offers circa 425bhp and makes the car capable of 199mph being mated with its 6 speed gearbox.

Available to view at our showrooms just outside London immediately and one of the most interesting and most sought after Porsche variants available today

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