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1957 Porsche 356A GS Carrera Coupe

RHD - First Porsche imported to Thailand

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Launched in 1948, the basic design of the 356 remained the same throughout its lifespan, with evolutionary, functional improvements rather than yearly superficial styling changes. Nevertheless a variety of models in both coupe and convertible forms were produced from its launch through 1965.

Completed in 1957, 58355, a 356A GS Carrera, was delivered new in the colour scheme it wears today, Silver metallic over Red leather. It was optioned with two headrests, two foglights, sealed-beam lights and in extremely rare right hand drive. Most notably, it is one of the last 356s to feature the V-shaped sunroof as it had originally designed to echo the leading edge of the split windscreen cars.

It was ordered new by Mr. Vilas Bunnang , through Swiss Trading in Bankok and as such was the very first Porsche ever imported into Thailand. When the car was ready for collection, Mr Bunnang and his wife made the trip to Stuttgart to collect the car in person before shipping it back to Thailand. Such was Mr. Bunnang’s delight at seeing the car for the first time, he ordered a second 356 there and then at the factory for use at his Swiss residence. He would go on to tour Thailand extensively, competing (and winning!) many race events, alongside his friend Prince Bira. 58355 would mark the first of three 356s he would go on to own. The car was sold to a very good family friend in 1960, Dr. Kurt Mueller.

In the early 1960s, 58355 made its way to Minnesota, USA where it would go on to be owned by Lloyd Woolery, Russ Moga and Jeff Grigsby. In 1977, the car was purchased for $750 by Jim Kellogg having experienced it from the passenger seat four years earlier with his friend and then owner Jeff. His first Porsche, finished in primer red at the time, it proved to be one challenge too many and he sold the car to George Wilkie in 1980. Jeff would then restore a ‘B’ with George each weekend developing his skills.

The car would pass on through Larry Skoglund to Hank Godfredson, both who raced actively in the car. In 1997, a chance encounter at Steamboat Springs saw Jim Kellogg cross paths with the car again. Three years later, 58355 was in his possession once more. He had intended on racing the car but after passing through scrutineering, the brake pedal went to the floor thanks to a broken steel braided brake line. He checked over the whole car and it was then put in his garage, only seeing occasional exercise. In the mid-2000s, a friend of Mr Kellogg shed a little light was shed on the early stories of the car in Thailand, wondering if the Prince ever drove the car. As such, fascinated by the history the car it was once again restored to its former glory.

Purchased by its most recent owner in 2009 from Jim Kellogg, the car joined a large collection of 356s in the UK. With recent service work by renowned specialist Steve Winter of Jaz Porsche, today the car presents excellently, ready to be used an enjoyed immediately. This hugely significant 356A GS Carrera, with proven race history is available to view at our showrooms just outside London.

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  • 1957 Porsche 356A GS Carrera Coupe
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