Austin Healey 100S (1954)

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This example features Weber Carbs from a Jaguar D-Type as raced by the ‘Works’ cars at Sebring  

RHD - Sensitively Restored - Eligible for many events

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This Austin Healey 100S is one of an estimated 38 remaining examples from the original batch of 50. Intended for Works support use, this particular example features a host of factory modifications upgrading the specification inline with that of the additional five "Team" cars. Seeing limited use in Europe, it was sent to Canada painted in British Racing Green in 1955 where it was used by Austin works driver, Alan Millar as part of a successful campaign. Its second owner (also a Healey Works Driver) later raced the car against Sir Stirling Moss, Fangio and other greats across the USA and at numerous Nassau Speed Weeks. After retiring the car he would dry store it for over 40 years, today presenting as a sympathetically restored, immensely original example with a just four owners owners and 6 volumes of history. The car is race ready and has been proven competitive at some of the most prestigious events in historic motorsport.

In Autumn 1956, this 100S #3805 was purchased by talented privateer racer, Hugh Sutherland, who had previously competed against #3805 in his Jaguar XK120! He added the dual white stripes to the car and enjoyed a high profile racing season in the 100S in 1956/7, earning sponsorship from the Canadian business, Carling’s Brewery. Sutherland proved himself against the likes of Jaguar, Ferrari and Maserati works teams at an International level including the International Trophy, part of the famous Bahamas Speed Week in 1956 and 1957.

Such were his racing successes, Donald Healey befriended Sutherland keen to promote the Healey in North America. Sutherland recalled Healey asking ‘Have you put a Chevy V8 engine in the car? It must be the fastest 100S out there!’ So impressed was Donald with Sutherland’s exploits in #3805 that he was consequently offered a Works drive for Austin Healey at the 1958 Sebring 12hr in a MK1 Sprite.

Sutherland would continue to race into the early 1960s in #3805 and would incredibly, retain the race programme and results sheet for every event entered. These can be found in the 6 volumes of history that accompany the car. He retired the car in late 1961, by which point the Healey had over a dozen podium finishes to its name; Sutherland would go on to dry store the car in time warp condition until 2002.

A bit about the car: The Austin Healey 100S had been conceived in 1952 after a partnership between Austin & Healey. The intention of the car was not one of financial gain, but to help substantiate the brands sporting image. With power upped to 132bhp from the inline four over the ‘Healey Hundred’, independent front suspension, manual transmission; an all alloy body meant a weight of just over 900 kilos. Twinned the weight loss, the power upgrade from just 90 bhp an all- round hydraulic disc brakes ensured the 100S was much lighter and faster than the standard 100. It is believed just 38 of the 55 built examples of the 100S remain. Whilst the vast majority were finished in Old English White and Lobelia Blue, there were also a handful of special order cars. Five ‘Works’ supported ‘Team’ race cars were built outside of the 50 cars to compete in the likes of Le Mans 24hrs and internationally at Sebring.

Rewind a couple of years and this car started life as a standard production car. In 1954 it had been pulled off the production line, refinished in British Racing Green and dispatched along with another car and sent to the European racing team of Austin England, with the intention of using it as a reserve for the Factory team car. It benefitted from a number of changes over a standard car as a result. In an attempt to make it lighter still, all badging, plaques, interior carpet and interior panels were removed. The oil pan was enlarged, the head ported and polished and inside a modified camshaft was fitted. This “Works” example was equipped with Weslake ported/polished alloy cylinder. It featured Weber Carbs from a Jaguar D-Type as raced by the ‘Works’ cars at Sebring. This car also features an additional air pick up on the right side of the bonnet. Shadowing the factory team in Europe for the 1954/5 season, it saw limited use, either as an unused spare at some races or as a practice car for the European Works Team Drivers.

After the most significant racing accident in history at Le Mans 1955, Austin Healey pulled out of European motorsport with immediate effect. As such, #3805 was sent to Austin Canada to fly the flag on the other side of the pond. It was driven there by Austin team driver, Alan Millar. Mr Millar took part in six events in 1955/1956, with four top five results including at the Watkins Glen GP.

Accompanying the car is an affidavit of Dennis Prophet, former Race Manager and mechanic for Austin England. In this, he states the specification and build options on the car.

1 – Weber 45 DC03 – carburation with Weslake manifold, airbox and pick up opening on the right side of the bonnet

2 – Inflatable air bags in front springs

3 – British Racing Green paint as per Austin Team cars

4 – Badging and plaques removed

5 – All interior carpet and panels removed

6 – Modified camshaft, cam followers and pushrods

7 – Mallory Magspark ignition

8 – Head ported and polished

9 – 60 spoke wheels – Tyre size 550 x15 (front) , 600 x15 (rear)

10 – quick release MG oil filler cap

11 – Enlarged oil pan

In 2002, the car was purchased by car collector Dr Johnson who carried out a sensitive restoration of #3805. He kept as many original parts as possible including the body and engine. He restored the car with the continued intention of racing it. In 2010, the car was purchased by a prominent collector of historic cars in the UK and has since competed in a number of blue riband events; Le Mans Classic, the Mille Miglia and the Goodwood Revival to name but a few.

Now available to view at our showrooms just outside London, this example is extremely well documented with 6 volumes of history and photos. Now beautifully restored but retaining so much original detail - the cars original engine forms parts of the spares package as well as original front bodywork which was not refitted at Dr Johnson’s request. This fabulous 50s Sports car is race ready and accompanied by an appropriate spares package, this is your ticket to Monaco Historic, Goodwood, the Mille Miglia and beyond!

Race History

1955/56 – Piloted by Alan Millar


18 June - Edenvale

Event: 5th Annual Edenvale Sports Car Races - BEMC

Position: 2nd Place - Formula Libre

Position: 2nd Place - (S+3.0)

Position: 5th Place (Grand Prix)

4 July - Beverly

Event: SCCA National Sports Car Championship

Position: 25th Place & 19th Place (Preliminary Beverly BM + CM + DM + EM + CP)

13 August - Edenvale

Event: Edenvale Sports Car Trophy Races

Position: 3rd Place

17 September - Watkins Glen

Event: Grand Prix

Position: 15th Place.


16 June - Harewood Acres

Event: 5th Annual Edenvale Sports Car Races - British Empire Motor Club

Position: 3rd Place – Formula Libra

Position: 2nd Place – Up to 3.0 litre

4 August - Harewood Acres

Event: BEMC

Position: 4th Place

August 1956 - Purchased by Hugh Sutherland

7 December - Nassau

Event: Bahamas Speed Week (International Trophy Road Races)

Position: 13th Place – Governors Trophy

Position: 17th Place – 5 Laps Class C & D

9 December - Nassau

Event: Bahamas Speed Week (International Trophy Road Races)

Drivers: Hugh Sutherland. Car No. 126

Position: 14th Place – 15 lap race


2 June - Dunkirk

Event: BEMC

Position: 10th Place

29 June - St Eugene

Event: BEMC

Position: 1st Place – Formula Libra

17 August - Harewood Acres

Event: BEMC

Position: Unknown

2 September - Harewood Acres

Event: BEMC

Position: 2nd Place – Race 7

Position: 3rd Place – Race 1

1 December - Nassau

Event: Bahamas Speed Week (International Trophy Road Races)

Position: 19th Place – Tourist Trophy

Position: 5th Place – Memorial GT

6 December - Bahamas Speed Week

Position: 30th Place – Governors Trophy

8 December - Bahamas Speed Week

Position: 43rd Place – Memorial Race

Position: 30th Nassau Trophy


10 May - Harewood Acres

Event: BEMC

Position: 9th Place – 4 Hour Relay

13 September - Harewood Acres

Event: BEMC

Position: 2nd Place – Governors Trophy


9 May - Harewood Acres

Event: BEMC

Position: 22nd Place – 500KM

15 July - Green Acres

Event: SCC

Position: 3rd Place – Century Class


Harewood Acres, Green Acres, Watkins Glen


5 August - Mosport Park

Event: Grand National Race Meet, GVCC

Drivers: Hugh Sutherland. Car No. 127

Position: (3rd Place) – DKW Trophy Race

Recent History

2004 - 2010

Event: Monterey Motorsports Reunion



Event: Le Mans Classic


May - Mille Miglia

May - Le Mans Legends @ Le Mans 24 Hour Race


March - Goodwood 72nd Members Meeting – Peter Collins Trophy


September - Goodwood Revival – Freddy March Trophy

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