Ferrari 288 GTO (1985)

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DK completed a comprehensive top end engine rebuild and full detail in 2015 at a cost of approximately £75,000 with the car receiving Classiche Certification in 2016 and has been stored with us since  

Comprehensive Overhaul by DK Engineering in 2015

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This Ferrari 288 GTO is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

This vehicle is no longer for sale

G,T and O are the three letters that adorn the world's most desirable and most valuable Ferrari. The second generation GTO was born during the early 1980's when many leading motor manufacturers thought FISA's Group B regulations would evolve into the definitive platform for showcasing their most technologically advanced machinery.

In order to qualify for Group B, FISA stipulated that 200 identical road cars had to be produced and sold to the public for homologation to be granted. However, Group B was destined to become a stillborn series and much to the disappointment of race fans the world over, Ferrari's 288 and the Porsche 959 never took to the track in anger. Nevertheless, like Porsche, Ferrari decided to go ahead with a limited production run for their super high performance Group B challengers.

The 288 was the first mid-engined Ferrari street car to be fitted with a longitudinally mounted engine, this was an all-alloy Tipo F114B 90° V8 with a capacity of 2855cc producing a phenomenal 400bhp at 7000rpm thanks to twin IHI turbochargers at 0.8 bar of boost while Behr intercoolers cooled the charge air. As a result zero to sixty MPH was just 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 189mph was possible. These astounding figures meant Ferrari's 288 GTO arrived as the fastest production car in the world on its 1984 launch. As a nod to its predecessor, three vertical louvres reminiscent of the Bizzarrini-designed 250 GTO were carved into the rear wings while that flip up rear spoiler flared the tail quite magnificently.

GTOs were only available in Rosso Corsa and left hand drive. The interior featured a suede covered anti-glare dash, Veglia instruments, a three-spoked leather rimmed Momo steering wheel and seats of similar design to the Daytona.

Unveiled at the Geneva Salon in March 1984 after a lengthy development period that had seen the worlds motoring press speculating avidly as to exactly what was beneath Ferrari's heavily disguised prototype, the GTO was an overnight sensation. Floods of collectors were gagging to - at the very least - place a deposit for this the newest, most desirable car in the world. Ferrari had originally planned to produce just the mandatory 200 units for homologation, however, demand was so strong that 272 examples were eventually completed (according to official factory figures) by the time production was discontinued in early 1986.

This example was delivered new to Mr Manzone of Turin in 1985. Restrained and stylish but never overly luxurious, this example features the desirable sporting orange inserts along with the luxury package comprising of air-conditioning and electric windows.

Mr Manzone would keep the car until 1989 at which point it was sold by the leasing company to the second owner Mr Palumbo, also in Turin. A change of circumstances meant the car was bought the following month to Sirena S.p.A who would keep the car for four years until October 1993. It would then have two further owners in Italy before export to the UK in 2014.

In 2015, DK completed a comprehensive top end engine rebuild and full detail at this time at a retail cost of approximately £75,000 giving the car the necessary overhaul required in its 30th year. Shortly after in 2016, this example was awarded Ferrari Classiche Certification. We have maintained and stored the car since most recently completing a major service in October of last year.

This stunning 288 GTO is now available and ready to be viewed at our showrooms just outside London.

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