Porsche Carrera GT (2005)

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Utterly unique worldwide in its stunning Cobalt Blue hue, this C16 example was also the last UK supplied car in 2006  

'Paint to Sample' Cobalt Blue - 10,300 mls - C16 UK Car

United KingdomLocation: United Kingdom
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This Porsche Carrera GT is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

This vehicle is no longer for sale

The Carrera GT's routes can be firmly traced back to its predecessors, the 911 GT1 and LMP1-98 racing cars. In 1998 Porsche planned on a new Le Mans prototype for 1999. The car was initially intended to use a turbocharged flat-6, but was later redesigned to use a new V10 engine, pushing the project back to planned completion in 2000. The V10 was a unit secretly built by Porsche for the Footwork Formula One team in 1992 but had been shelved. The engine was resurrected for the Le Mans prototype and increased in size to 5.7 litres. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled after two days of testing for the first car, in mid-1999, mostly due to Porsche's wish to build the Cayenne SUV with involvement from Volkswagen and Audi, thus requiring engineering expertise to be pulled from the motorsports division. It was also speculated that VW-Audi chairman Ferdinand Piëch wanted Audi's new Le Mans Prototype, the Audi R8 not to face competition from Porsche in 2004.

Porsche did keep part of the project alive showing a concept car at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show, mainly in an attempt to draw attention to their display. Surprising interest in the vehicle and an influx of revenue provided from the Cayenne aided Porsche’s decision to produce the car, and development started on a road-legal version, to be produced in small numbers at Porsche's new manufacturing facility in Leipzig. Porsche started a production run of Carrera GTs in 2004, the first Carrera GT went on sale in the US on January 31, 2004.

The Carrera GT is powered by a 5.7 litre V10 engine producing 612 horsepower, good for a 0-60 sprint of around 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 205mph. The Carrera GT has a basic five colour paint scheme which includes Guards Red, Fayence Yellow, Basalt Black, GT Silver and Seal Grey. Paint to Sample was available in extremely limited numbers. Of the 1270 cars built, around 40 examples benefitted from Paint to Sample.

Having recently sold the Midnight Blue example, this is one more of just a handful of Paint to Sample examples that reached the UK originally. Utterly unique worldwide in the stunning Cobalt Blue hue, this C16 example was also the last UK supplied car in 2006 (with all the updates and the last specification clutch). Supplied by Porsche Centre Leeds to its first owner in 2006; this car is truly one of one.

In 2008 it was purchased by its second owner at 4,400 miles, who would keep the car for six years adding less than 4,000 further miles in the time. The car was dry stored for the entire duration of the third owner, still receiving annual visits to Porsche Reading; with other maintenance being carried out by DK. It was sold to its third owner by Dk in 2014. Purchased by its most recent owner in 2018, the car has now covered a fully documented 10,275 miles from new.

This example additionally benefits from what could be the most comprehensive Porsche GB service history of any example in existence, visiting Reading every year since 2008 with every Major Service accounted for (most recently having had a major service in 2018 and an annual service with additional work in December 2019). The MOT history fully verifies the mileage to date.

This stunning example is the most complete example we have ever had the pleasure of handling. It includes a full and complete luggage set in matching Dark Grey leather. Incredibly, this example also benefits from the full collection of original first owner offerings with the car including the Swarovski scale model and presentation box, scale model of the engine including VHS, the original printed car brochure, original fitted car cover and original roof panel covers.

This stunning, original and unique 1 of 1 example is available to view immediately at our showrooms just outside London. A rare opportunity to acquire a unique Carrera GT with comprehensive service history and complete set of delivery accessories.

Service History:
22.02.2008 – Annual Service – Porsche Reading – 2,983 mls
04.09.2008 – Major Service – Porsche Reading – 4,378 mls
27.08.2009 – Annual Service – Porsche Reading – 5,784 mls
25.08.2010 – Major Service – Porsche Reading – 6,768 mls
30.08.2011 – Annual Service – Porsche Reading – 7,102 mls
20.08.2012 – Minor Service – Porsche Reading – 7,309 mls
28.08.2013 – Annual Service – Porsche Reading – 7,851 mls
26.09.2014 – Major Service – Porsche Reading – 8,261 mls
12.01.2016 – Annual Service – Porsche Reading – 8,262 mls
21.09.2017 – Annual Service – Porsche Reading – 8,262 mls
03.08.2018 – Major Service – Porsche Reading – 8,286 mls
23.12.2019 – Annual Service – Porsche Reading – 10,271 mls

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