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Dino 246 GT

Unique history - Excellent documentation

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The much sought-after Ferrari 246 Dino GT was named after Enzo Ferrari's son Alfredino, who died in 1956, aged 24 years. Enzo Ferrari credits his son with the inspiration for a series of successful small and medium capacity V6 racing engines built by Ferrari from 1956, and in turn the name was given to a new line of mid-engined production Ferrari V6 coupés, which first went on sale in 1969. The Dino 246GT has proved to be one of the most satisfying and successful automobiles built by Ferrari and paved the way for the emerging generation of mid-engined Ferraris. It is widely regarded as one of the best-handling and most gratifying automobiles of the early 70s, it is one of the most attractive, delicately balanced designs ever produced by the masters at Pininfarina. As a result Dinos have enjoyed a well-deserved recent surge in popularity.

Chassis 01500, a series 2 (or M) Dino GT was first delivered 08/02/71. The first owner was T.R. Fetherstonhaugh who owned the car for a number of years until 12/08/85 when 01500 was purchased by Modena engineering on behalf of a client Hew Dundas for £14,000.The car was prepared by DK Engineering and raced by Hew Dundas in 1986 and 1987 in the Maranello UK series. In 1988 the car was also driven by Jeff Simpson for Hew in the same series, slowly being developed by DK over the seasons, making it by its final season a highly competitive and reliable example. The car was never damaged, blown up or crashed and was continually maintained by DK, again a lot of bills (A LOT!) from this period accompany the car right from start to finish of the career and showing that no expense was spared. Also a complete log of all meetings and test days attended along with laps completed and even fuel consumed for the period of October 85 right through until October 1988 are contained in the file.

At the end of 1988 the car was sold to its current owner. 01500 at this point had had a totally refreshment and was ready to compete for another season. However, the new owner decided to return the car to original specification. The car was totally stripped by Riverside Garage.The Engine and gearbox were stripped and found to be perfect having been recently rebuilt by DK and simply cleaned, polished and reassembled (all on file).At this time a full Body restoration was carried out returning the wheel arches and colour to original spec. In 1989 the car was reassembled with all parts being restored and standard.During the next 20 years 01500 was used sparingly covering only 3,000 miles and being serviced in 1999.

In 2006 it was once again lightly recommisioned and tidied up following a period of storage in unfortunate Detrimental conditions. Chassis 01500 has a totally unique history and is a very famous example amongst UK experts. When relating to its 50's and 60's produced Ferrari counterparts such as 250 SWB's, 275 GTB's and other such gentlemans road cars that went racing - evidence shows that a car with a faultless, documented history from new such as this will have its value further complimented by some successful race history especially as these vehicles become more and more valuable.

01500 is available to view immediately at DK Engineering along with its expansive history file and has had just 3 owners from new. A recent extensive report has been carried out by a respected independent specialist and is available to view. As a result a detailed breakdown of proposed work has been compiled that can be completed as part of the sale to bring the car back to the highest standard by DK.

MOT's as follows: 1976 @ 25456 miles - 1977 @ 29524 - 1978 @31822 - 1979 @32048 - 1980 @32147 - 1982 @32233 - 1984 @32438 - 1985 @32577 - 1986@ 35889 - 1987 @ 40950 - 2008@ 43360 - 2009 @43383.

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