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UK Supplied - Fantastic History File

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This Ferrari 365 GTC is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

This vehicle is no longer for sale

The 330 GTC was replaced in 1968 by the superior 365 GTC. The styling remaining almost the same with differences being limited to non-vented front wings and the addition of new vents on the bonnet. The engine was of course an enlarged 4.4 Litre engine boasting more torque and horsepower. This vastly improved the cars performance. The 365 GTC retained the independent rear suspension employing coil springs and wishbones, the same of its immediate predecessor, though this was a relatively recent departure for Ferrari. Brakes and transmission were also substantially improved to match the upgraded motor. Stopping power came from servo-assisted disc brakes all-round with a split circuit system. Integrating the gearbox with the final drive gave the car a balanced 50:50 weight distribution. A 365 GTC is a super rare and highly desirable beast with just 150 examples being built (including 22 UK RHD supplied examples) between the 1968 and 1970 with an on the road price when new of £7,900 (£1,384 more than the outgoing 275 GTB/4).

This example was specified new by Mr Rob Walker, heir to the Johnnie Walker fortune and owner of the famed privateer F1 team that had run extensively throughout the 50s & 60s. Ordered in February 1969 at Maranello Concessionaires in what would be his penultimate year of racing, this 365GTC was optioned originally in Amaranto over Tan-Beige VM846 with Rosso Scuro carpets and a Grigio Chiaro headlining.

The order was deferred but still delivered and invoiced to a R.H.D Finance on January 16th 1970, with no clear owner. Just 14 days later, the car was sold ‘used’ to Mr Gordon, once more through Maranello Concessionaires. At the time of purchase, Gordon elected to trade in his 1968 Porsche 911 S, purchasing both the 365GTC and a 1963 250 Berlinetta Lusso.

The car passed through several keepers in the 70s and was restored by DK Engineering in the early 80s at which point, the car changed from Amaranto to the lighter Rosso Ferrari hue. In 1985, the car was purchased by Mr Wilkinson who would go on to own the car for 8 years. His ownership, including the original sales invoice is included in the file. Purchasing the car for £21,500 in 1985 from official Ferrari dealership, Modena Engineering. At the time of purchase, the car had covered 40,085 miles and is noted as being red over tan.

Wilkinson kept thorough records of his ownership with a large number of detailed invoices remaining in the file for works carried out by D.W. Pettifor. From the invoices, we can see a number of requests to investigate minor issues and the subsequent remedial works carried out; wheel balancing, brake judder, woolly steering and re-bushing suspension to name a few.

Three years into his ownership, the car moved into the name of his company ‘The Anglo-Dutch Trust Company Limited’. Working from both Holland and the UK, the car received an interior retrim in 1986 in Holland. The car would continue to be serviced regularly by marque specialists Bob Houghton and Martin Stretton respectively.

In 1993, Mr Gatehouse purchased the car from Wilkinson but lived in Hong Kong. The car was stored in the UK and used sparingly. A service invoice exists in the file from work carried out in 1994 by Mortimer, Houghton & Turner. The following year, the car would be sold to Mr Hoskins. Hoskins ran the car with his friend, colleague and equally fastidious owner Mr Agace. As such, invoices were shared and the car regularly visited Maranello Concessionaires to attend to adjustments.

In a recent telephone conversation with Mr Hoskins, he recalled the car well, adding that it was very much a car to be used and enjoyed including a European trip to Monaco – that ended 50 miles short, before a quick fix allowed him to carry on. From memory, the car had likely been transferred into Mr Agace’s name in an attempt to get a central London parking permit!

Later works were carried out by Lanzante Motorsports of Hampshire of which there are numerous invoices in the file. Hoskins tasked Lanzante with a full respray and the car was refinished in the period Blu Sera it presents in today.

The car was purchased by Mr Angell in 2008 who carried out a comprehensive engine overhaul over the course of 10 months at 78,452 miles. The engine was stripped down and all components were replaced or refurbished before reassembly.

In 2009, we sold the car Mr Mahapatra and then once more to the current keeper in 2015. Since then, the car has been used sparingly and is now available to view at our showrooms outside London immediately.

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