Porsche 911 (993 Turbo) 'WLS II' (1998)

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The very last 993 Turbo to make it to the UK, this ‘C16’ example was ordered through AFN Porsche and delivered on 16th May 1998 fitted with the hugely rare, ‘WLSII’ Turbo S engine upgrade package  

4,200 Miles - The last UK 993 Turbo - 2 Owners

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The 993 turbo was introduced in 1996 featuring full time four wheel drive for the first time on a production 911 Turbo. The 3.6-litre engine was fitted with a pair of KKK K16 turbochargers and Bosch M5.2 engine management. Output was 408bhp at 5750rpm. Performance was explosive with a top speed of 184mph and 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds. Like all turbocharged 911's, this latest variant received heavily flared wheel arches and a static rear spoiler.Unique to these cars, the body-coloured rear wings were fixed in place and housed the turbocharger intercoolers.

For the 1997 model year, Porsche produced the most exclusive road going 993 of all and what became the last air-cooled 911 Turbo - the Turbo S. Based on the standard Turbo, the Turbo S was enhanced with a number of special features including the updated Aerokit II, carbon fibre interior inserts, brake cooling ducts alongside the front indicators, uprated yellow coloured 6 pot calipers an additional oil cooler, stiffer suspension that made the car sit 15mm lower and engine cooling scoops carved out from the rear wings. Mechanically, the 3.6-litre twin-turbo flat-six was pumped up to 450bhp by incorporating larger K-24 turbos and a different exhaust making it the firm's most powerful production engine yet.

Whilst Exclusive has certainly seen a significant resurgence in recent years, the early offerings and department title of ‘Sonderswunsch’ or ‘Special Wishes’ allowed for a great deal more customisation. It was much more common to see significant alterations made to 911s, from L505/M506 ‘slant-nose’ conversions, M491 ‘Werks Turbo Look’ body upgrades and engine upgrades completed. Porsche offered two packages for more power on the 993 Turbo. ‘WLS I’ – the acronym for ‘Works Performance Increase I’ was denoted by ‘X50’ on the specification sheet and as a common upgrade is now much better known as ‘X50’. This took the power from a standard 408hp to 430hp.

This car is one such example of a 911, built exclusively for its first owner, Len Shephard of East Sussex. The very last 993 Turbo to make it to the UK, this ‘C16’ example was ordered through AFN Porsche and delivered on 16th May 1998. With a number of special option codes; XLB, XLC and XE7 find themselves on the original specification sticker in the handbook denoting the ‘WLSII’ Turbo S engine upgrade package: accompanying additional oil cooler for Turbo S, upgraded Turbo S specification engine including K-24 turbos and ECU, and twin-pipe exhaust respectively.

The original order form remains in the file for the car and features a distinct determination to realise what to many would appear as a standard 993 Turbo, with the full fat 450hp underneath. The exterior remains exactly as a Turbo would with no visual ‘S’ cues bar the twin-pipe exhaust. The interior is full black leather heated sports seats with an aluminium handbrake and gear lever, the dials finished in aluminium with chrome surrounds, sports steering wheel and red seat belts. The car received several black leather upgrades to additional interior trim parts.

Finished in Forest Green Metallic, this car remained with its first owner until 2006. During that time, the car covered just 4,100 miles and yet serviced 5 times. The car was purchased by its current owner at this time and the car joined a prominent UK Porsche collection. Since then, the car has not been driven and today presents with just 4,300 miles.

Accompanied by its complete book pack and history folio including original order form, this unrepeatable 993 Turbo, complete with the very rare WLSII upgrade is available to view at our showrooms just outside London immediately.

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