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Ferrari 246 GTS

ex Chris Rea

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The GTS version of the 246 Dino arrived at the Geneva Salon in March 1972. It featured a removable targa roof panel that could be stowed behind the seats, the chassis being reinforced with extra bracing along the sides and front of the engine frame.

Visibly the GTS had no rear three-quarter windows, these being replaced by a bank of three vents carved out from each sail panel. GTS's were all built on the series III platform. Production of both the GT and GTS came to an end in 1974, over 3700 Dino's having been delivered since the spring of 1968, 1431 of which were Series III GT's. This included 446 right-hand drive examples while 1274 GTS were built in just over two years, 235 of which were in right-hand drive.

This example, chassis number 04550, was delivered in 1972 to it's first owner Mr Ewe. Mr Ewe owned the car for five years and managed to cover 30,000 miles before selling it on in 1977 to Brian Fry. Mr Fry then purchased the private number plate of 999 FRY. Mr Fry owned this example from 1977 up until 1993. During this period the car was stored and used only very sparingly and merely 2000 miles were covered in the sixteen year period. During 1993 she was then sold on to a Mr Gamber who cared for the car extremely well having a multitude of work carried out at the same specialist as Mr Fry. It was also at this stage that registration was again changed this time to SPE 24L. Mr Gamber then sold the car onto a Mr Hill who owned it until 2007 before it passed into the hands of Rupert Channing who owned this Dino for three years before 04450 was sold to the British singer Chris Rea.

The car was subject to a total body restoration including a bare metal repaint in 1999 at the same time the entire body was examined and any imperfections were removed. In 2006 and 2007 the Engine and Gearbox were totally overhauled at a cost of nearly £30,000 to ensure that this example is one of the best Dinos in the country.

Since 1977 04550 has also been cared for to the highest degree and all work was carried out by specialists. Since 1977 the car has only travelled 5,000 miles and thus the odometer currently stands at 35,000 miles. All of the history of this wonderful car is thoroughly documented and included.