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Porsche 911 S (SWB)

RHD & Recently totally restored SWB 911S

This Porsche 911 S (SWB) is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

This vehicle is no longer for sale

From its birth the 911 had ample scope for development, though perhaps only the Porsche organisation could see it. The first major advance came in late 1966, and it was an exciting one: the hot 911S, "S" for Super. With this, Porsche returned to its old three-tier lineup of Norma, Super, and Carrera, respectively represented by the 912, standard 911, and the new S. The S boasted modifications typical of a higher-performance Porsche including a reprofiled cam, larger valves, better porting, loftier compression, larger jets for the Weber carbs.

Naturally, the S also received chassis upgrades to match its extra power. These included a rear anti-roll bar (augmenting the one in front), Koni shocks, ventilated instead of solid-rotor disc brakes all-round and (soon to be a 911 hallmark) pretty five-spoke Fuchs alloy wheels that cut five pounds from unsprung weight at each hub. S gear ratios were evenly spaced except for the five-speed transmission's overdrive top (dog leg first gear), which was purposely very "high." It gave 100 mph at 4,200 rpm, hardly a strain for the free-revving flat-six. Pulling max rpm, 7,500 to be precise, in the lower gears netted 0-60 in eight seconds or less and ran a standing quarter-mile of under 16 seconds at 90-plus mph.

Summing up a car like the 911S is not easy, because one must single out individual features from an integrated design. Without a doubt the engine is the most impressive part, with its unbelievable smoothness and urgent willingness for continuous hard work. One should also mention the superb lightness of all the controls which, together with the excellent seating, immediately puts the driver at one with the car and enables the driver to go out and enjoy the S's character to the full. It was once written that, "The Porsche 911S is a car one never likes to leave parked when one could be driving it somewhere", a phrase that rings true everytime.

This example offered for sale is a rare RHD model first registered in the UK in February 1968. This matching numbers factory RHD 911S has recently been subjected to a total restoration and is presented in its superior as restored condition having covered just 30 miles since. This is surely the finest example available of the most iconic, most desirable yet subtle of the mass production 911s for sale in the UK.