Porsche 911 (997.2) GT3 Clubsport (2011)

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This specific example of the pinnacle of driver oriented sports cars, the 997.2 GT3 3.8, offers the exceedingly rare opportunity to own one of the all time greatest enthusiast driving experiences in the combination of Right Hand Drive, Club Sport package, in a Paint to Sample hue  

No Reserve - Paint to Sample Riviera Blue - C16 UK Supplied

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This Porsche 911 (997.2) GT3 Clubsport is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

This vehicle is no longer for sale

After the extended run of air cooled 911s, Porsche introduced the first completely new 911 since the model's inception, the radically restyled and water-cooled 996, in what was by then already a 35-year-old career. One year later, Porsche produced a pure sports version to enable it to homologate its racing cars, and all were surprised to find it was not to be graced with the 'RS' moniker, like its air-cooled predecessors that began with the 1973 2.7 RS. Instead, Porsche appended a new name to it, the 'GT3' badge relating to its intended category of racing. With the GT3 line, Porsche had bred what is now widely regarded as the most focussed breed of road cars, equally suited to use on track.

From this point until its demise in 2012, the Hans Metzger-designed, race proven, flat-six motor was only used in Porsche's GT3 and GT2 cars, all other 911s, Boxsters and Caymans using an unrelated, cheaper to manufacture, direct-injection flat-six. Routine tests which this engine was subjected to, during development for use in this ultimate GT3, included running at full load continuously for 3000 km.

The first generation 997 3.6 litre GT3 proved a massive improvement over the 996 and the Second generation 997 GT3 with its enlarged 3.8 Litre engine was better still, these later cars, of which just 2,200 examples were produced worldwide, and only around 5% were right hand drive. These would prove to be the last iteration of the Metzger powered manual Porsche GT3 and since their delivery, these cars have been incredibly sought after with values appreciating and reviews glowing with many agreeing that the 997 GT3 and GT3 RS are the crowning model in the 911 GT lineage.

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  • Porsche 911 (997.2) GT3 Clubsport
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