Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta (2015)

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1 of 49 UK RHD Examples - Azzurro California

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This Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

This vehicle is no longer for sale

The fastest naturally aspirated V8 supercar ever produced by Ferrari the 458 Speciale really needs no introduction, the already spectacular 458 platform benefits from a huge host of benefits including increased power which equates to the most driver-focussed Ferrari V8 ever produced. The increased power means the 458's Motor holds a World Record for naturally aspirated output. The 458 Speciale's 597HP equates to 133hp/litre, an astonishing output. Perhaps not surprisingly, the 458 Speciale has won the prestigious "2013 Supercar of the Year" award from Top Gear Magazine and 2014 Evo Magazine "Car of the Year". The engine alone has won Best Performance Engine of the year 2011,2012 and 2014 as noted by the plaque between the seats.

Autocar Magazine formed the following conclusion on testing the awe-inspiring Speciale: "The mid-engined Ferrari supercar has reached a turning point, it strikes us - and there may never be a better one for purist thrill-seekers than the one you see here. Next year comes to a '458M', for want of the official name: a mid-life refresh that'll bring with it a new turbocharged engine. We've recorded what turbos have done to BMW M cars, AMG Mercs, Porsche 911s and more in this modern performance car era - and seldom do we universally approve. This is why right now may be a definitive moment in the development of the mid-engined Ferrari concept: a zenith in some ways, perhaps. The car to mark it could hardly be more aptly named or purposefully constructed.”

Cut from the same cloth as the legendary Challenge Stradale and Scuderia, the Speciale is the last naturally aspirated instalment in this hugely collectable line of naturally aspirated V8 thrilling V8 supercars. The 458 Speciale A is a spider variant for the 458 Speciale. The 'A' stands for 'Aperta', which is Italian for 'open' - and it was limited to only 499 examples and sold out immediately to the VIP clients of Ferrari only. Just like the closed-top Speciale, the Aperta has a 4.5 litre naturally aspirated V8 which produces 597 horsepower and 398-pound feet of torque. 0-60 mph takes only 3.0 seconds and it is capable of a top speed of 202 mph. It is the most powerful, street-legal, naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari has ever launched in a spider variant.

This fabulous UK supplied example was first delivered through H.R. Owen on 30th September 2015, one of just 49 right-hand drive examples built. Uniquely supplied to the UK in the historical Azzurro California hue, it is presented with the Speciale Aperta specific Livery, this time in Blu Tour de France and Argento Nurburgring.

The interior sees a complete upholstering in Cuoio Alcantara with contrasting Blu Tessuto inserts and Blu seatbelts. The interior features additional dark blue stitching with headrest Cavallinos in Grigio Chiaro. Lavishly equipped, this example benefits from a wealth of options including all of the must-have carbon fibre options.

Having passed through the care of just three custodians, this example is presented today with just 5,370 miles from new. Fitted with a full paint protection film from delivery, this example rarely offers a unique specification whilst still being a usable proposition.

  • Carbon fibre front flaps
  • Carbon fibre B-post trim
  • Carbon fibre side nolders
  • Carbon fibre front air vents
  • Carbon fibre engine covers
  • Carbon fibre inner sill trim
  • Carbon fibre centre caps
  • Carbon fibre driving zone
  • Front suspension lifter
  • Parking camera
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Radio navigation system
  • Alcantara central tunnel
  • Alcantara lower dashboard
  • Alcantara headliner
  • Titanium exhaust

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