Ferrari 599 SA Aperta

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The 599 SA Aperta was announced at the Paris International Motor Show in 2010, and it carried on Ferrari's tradition of creating limited-edition drop-top V-12 grand tourers, which included the 550 Barchetta and the 575 Superamerica. The SA represents it’s design firm, Pininfarina – whose 80th birthday this car celebrates – the father and son team of Sergio and Andrea’s initials used ahead of ‘Aperta’, Italian for ‘open’. The announcement might have come as a surprise to the majority of the people at the show, but around 80 of Ferrari's very best customers already knew of the car's impending premiere. All 80 examples were spoken for before it’s announcement. The Aperta has always been a car limited to Ferrari's ultra-VIP a clients and examples are seldom offered on the open market. So popular was the car that it would appear a number of additional examples were built and so far online databases have logged over 120 examples worldwide.

The SA Aperta was built on the basis of the 599 GTO's chassis and drivetrain, however, Ferrari wanted it to have a slightly softer and more sophisticated personality than the GTO, a car intended to be a road-legal version of the 599XX. Only minor changes were necessary, the windshield was given a steeper rake, and two aerodynamic fins were crafted behind the roll bars, beautifully recalling the flying buttresses on the 599 GTB. Ferrari's engineers also took time to adjust the suspension and exhaust on the SA Aperta offering drivers a less aggressive setup than its track-ready sibling, making it perfect for comfortable, long-distance, fast travelling.

The SA Aperta boasts structural rigidity similar to that of the GTO and despite stiffening the chassis, it only brings a negligible weight difference in return. It was intended as a roadster and comes equipped with a light soft-top, which was designed for use if the owner is suddenly subject to foul weather whilst out and about. This roof is easily removed and stored inside the spacious boot. This car also benefits from the rare and additional (and extremely expensive) carbon roof panel which can also be stowed in the boot.

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