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Ferrari 365 GTC/4

RHD - Silver with Black Leather

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The 365 GTC/4 was sold alongside Ferrari's Daytona for 18 months between 1971 and '72 - a Coupe rather than a Berlientta as the designation would suggest. The GTC/4 arrived in March 1971 and was conceived as a more civilised version of the Daytona offering additional luggage space and two very small rear seats. Power steering was fitted as standard with hydraulic self-levelling ride height at the back. Cromodora alloy wheels were fitted as standard but Borrani wires were optionally available. the C/4's powerplant was similar to the V12 found in the Daytona. Displacement of both was 4390cc, however, the GTC/4 featured new heads, wet sump lubrication and six sidedraught Weber 38 DCOE carbs. Output of the European version was 340bhp at 7000rpm. while Performance wasn't far behind the crushingly fast Daytona, 340bhp versions sprinting from 0-60 in 6.1 seconds while a top speed of 163mph was possible. As usual, the bodywork was designed by Pininfarina, but unlike the Daytona whose shells were made by Scaglietti in Modena, C/4 panels were fabricated by Pininfarina in Turin and shipped to Maranello for completion. Finished almost entirely from steel with the exception of alloy for the bonnet and boot lid, some commentators knocked the styling, citing its apparently 'un-Ferrari-like' appearance. Distinctive details were the matt black synthetic resin noseband that replaced traditional chrome bumpers at the front, matt black also being used for the rear bumper although this was a more conventional piece of painted steel. The cabin was completely new and featured an integrated dash and centre console that lent a very contemporary feel. It was more comfortable and refined than the Daytona and offered a good deal more luggage room. There were two tiny rear seats although these were best folded down for additional storage space. Air conditioning was fitted as standard as were cloth seat centres, a full Connolly leather interior being an optional extra. Launched during March 1971's Geneva Salon, the GTC/4 surprisingly received a lukewarm reception with some mild negativity being directed towards Pininfarina's styling. Many journalists subsequently found that the C/4 to be a more pleasant drive than the Daytona though, making these cars overlooked gems. Production continued for 18 months, during which time just 500 were constructed of which 41 were completed to right-hand drive and just 34 of these were delivered to the UK.This example, chassis number 14883, was ordered by Marenello Concessionaires in 1971 the car was received one year later, in Grigio Le Sancy with light blue upholstery and dark blue carpets. The car, fitted with manual transmission, was delivered to its first owner in May of 1972. The first owner of the car lived in Dundee but ensured the first service was done in Egham by the Marenello Dealership. Since then the car changed ownership in 1988. The current owner who has owned the car since 2004 has ensured the car has always been in the best of conditions and has had all the work carried out by a single Ferrari specialist. This work includes a thorough restoration; engine rebuild and bare metal repaint in 2005. In December 2009 the car underwent a major overhaul costing £6,000 to ensure that the car is in the excellent condition that it now is. The car has covered just 21,000 miles and believed to be a genuine three owner car.