Porsche RUF RCT EVO (1991)

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Upgraded RCT Evo in 2015 - PTS Giallo Fly

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Vaulting itself onto the world stage in 1987 with their iconic ‘Yellowbird’, RUF has since been known as the go-to for upgrading and modifying some of Porsche’s most exciting automobiles. Their experience with turbochargers earned the Yellowbird near mythical status, and the continued use of this knowledge still finds its way into cars today.

Its 964-generation modified cars are undoubtably the most iconic and in within that fabled run of cars, the RCT was the final RUF-modified 964 to be introduced before contemporary production moved to the 993. Numerous mechanical and cosmetic revisions were made to the RCT, including the fitment of a large, single turbocharger, which resulted in a massive 110-bhp addition in power over the standard narrow-bodied 964 Carrera upon which it was based.

The RCT proved so successful for RUF that RCT conversions can still be carried out today, with the latest specification now known as the RCT Evo. Utilizing a 993-sourced ECU, the RCT Evo offers 425 bhp at 5,800 RPM and a monstrous 570 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm, and the car will reach a top speed of 199 mph.

The continued development to Evo specification represents a further rise of 60 bhp and 9mph in terms of top speed over the original RCT. The conversion also includes replacing the original five-speed manual gearbox with a six-speed G50 unit, fitting RUF’s iconic green-lettered instruments and upgraded five-spoke wheels, limited-slip differential as well as a full adjustable suspension. At the time of the conversion, the engine also received a comprehensive overhaul and rebuild to ensure it was able to handle the increased power.

Born as a U.S. production 964-generation 911 Turbo and finished in PTS Giallo Fly, this car remained in the U.S. until being exported to Germany in 2013. There, it was later converted to EU specifications by RUF and upgraded to RCT Evo specifications, retaining its rare, wider, Turbo body. Since the conversion, the car has covered just 11,400 kilometres with two European owners and presents today in excellent condition. With a previous custodian, it was fitted with sport seats with tartan inserts at Porsche Center Son in Norway, which have added an abundance of character to the interior, as well as the Porsche Classic navigation system.

Presently registered in Germany, the RCT Evo returned to RUF in December of 2020 for an annual service and some further work which included removing the rear windshield wiper and the fitment of the front big-brake upgrade with calipers finished in dark green. Invoices for this work are on file, as well as a statement from RUF confirming that the car had been driven just 47,000 miles before the RUF conversion work was carried out and the odometer was zeroed.

Prior to its arrival in the UK, the car received an inspection and service at Ruf’s own workshops in Germany.

Providing vastly improved performance over the 964 which it is based upon, its no wonder that these cars have now emerged as modern classics with a strong market for the modernized RCT Evo. Currently located at our facilities just outside of London and available for inspection immediately, this RCT Evo is ready to be driven and enjoyed by its next owner.

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