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Ferrari 340 America

Mille Miglia Eligible - “Bullet Proof Provenance”

This Ferrari 340 America is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

This vehicle is no longer for sale

Ferrari sports car success and development in the 1950's was intricately connected with the development of various V-12 engines. Aurelio Lampredi developed a new engine for 1950 with an enlarged cylinder block thereby giving rise to the "long-block" nick name given to these engines.

340's were the first sports car fitted with a 4.1 litre "Long-block" engine and were intended primarily as a competition car for wealthy privateers, and marketed as such, the 340 was directed specifically at a new and increasingly profitable market: the United States. Aptly named "America", the 340 became the first of many subsequent sports/racing Ferraris built specifically to meet the demands of the American market, where it proved to be both competitive and profitable. 0122A was first delivered in August 1951 to Belgium. The car passed through a few owners early on in its life and was actively campaigned between 1954 and 1958 in the main by Pierre d'Haveloose and Armand Blaton. Since 1986 0122A has been part of one of the finest collections in Europe but is now available for sale.

The 340 America is the first of the Lampredi big block equipped competition cars built to also be suitable for the road and this is one of just two examples built with this beautiful body which is surely the best looking of all the 340 variants and so similar to the iconic 166 Barchetta in style. There are no questions surrounding this car and it can thus only be described as "bullet proof provenance" having its original body and dry sump engine. 0122A is eligible for the world's greatest including the prestigious Mille Miglia.