Aston Martin DB4 GT (1963)

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Each of the 25 continuation examples was built to lightweight specification and as such, the weight comes in at just 1260kg.  

1 of Just 25 Continuation Examples - Available with UK Registration

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Launched at the London motor show in September 1958, the Aston Martin DB4 would take the world by storm. Clothed by Italian style gurus Carrozzeria Touring, the DB4’s sleek lines paired with Aston Martin’s straight-six engine made for force to be reckoned with.

The first car to leave Aston Martin’s new Newport Pagnell factory, the DB4 would be produced between 1959 and 1963. An all new model, the DB4 brought a wealth of significant upgrades over the preceding David Brown MkIII. The transition to platform rather than tubular chassis would pave the way for future Aston Martins. It was certainly the most advanced GT car of its time.

The DB4 GT would increase power from 240bhp to 302bhp with extensive engine fettling and triple Weber carburettors making the GT the most powerful British car of the time. Thinner gauge aluminium bodywork meant for a 90kg weight reduction. A four-speed manual gearbox, independent suspension and all around disc brakes helped the shorter, lighter and more powerful GT become an instant success. The GT was good for a 6.1 second sixty sprint and a top speed north of 150 mph.

The DB4 GT was Aston Martin’s answer to the formidable 250 Tour de France from the Italian stable. Raced from 1959 by both the Works team, the GT would be driven by the likes of Roy Salvadori, Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, and Innes Ireland. In December 1959, at the Bahamas Speed Week, when another driver rolled the DBR2 intended for Sir Moss, the factory team “borrowed” a DB4GT just delivered to a Caribbean customer and Sir Stirling handily won the next race!

In 2019 Aston Martin announced a series of just 25 continuation examples of the DB4 GT examples, to be fittingly constructed at Newport Pagnell, as the original 75 cars had been. At that time, the cars built were still quite luxurious, but there was a lightweight option that shaved 141kg from the kerb weight. This was achieved through a myriad of changes including; the front chassis crossmember punched with nine holes, aluminium panels in the platform in front of and behind the seats, aluminium panels in the front footwells and large parts of the bulkhead, aluminium under the fuel tank, aluminium rear bulkhead, aluminium luggage deck panel and lightweight door trims.

Aston Martin took great care in ensuring the original suppliers were used where possible. The 16’’ wire wheels are correct Borrani examples, the design work is still credited to Touring of Milan who rightfully received their due loyalties on each of the continuations; even the original door lock supplier was retained.

Each of the 25 continuation examples was built to lightweight specification and as such, the weight comes in at just 1260kg. The cars received a series of upgrades over the original batch; rose-jointed suspension, a engine capacity increase to 4.2 litres and an increased power output of 340bhp as a result. The brake pads have received a more modern compound and for durability, the gearbox is now a non-synchro four-speed unit with straight cut gears.

This example was completed on 31st August 2018 and found its home in the USA. The 20th car built, this example was specially ordered to be a unique example. As such, the vehicle is finished in Aston Martin Q Heritage Racing Green with roundels and Le Mans lighting, including front spot lamps. The inside sees the upgraded FIA-specification Tillett carbon fibre racing seats with black leather; diamond stitchwork in green to match the exterior colour.

This example has covered just 135 miles from new and is supplied with a spare set of polished wheels and tyres in their own flight case. The car is accompanied by its selection of models that were supplied when new, original specification and accompanying ownership documents. It is available to view at our showrooms outside London immediately.

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