Aston Martin Sportsman (1997)

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Not content on sharing a bespoke car, but happy enough with the specification, two identical examples were built by Aston Martin Works  

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This Aston Martin Sportsman is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

This vehicle is no longer for sale

Best known for the iconic chosen drive of James Bond, Aston Martin have since been synonymous with luxury lifestyle and bespoke options. Having dipped a toe into the multi-function vehicle on several occasions previously, it was arguably the creation of the DB5 Shooting Brake for David Brown in 1965 that cemented Aston Martin’s ability to deliver on a client’s every request. Such was demand in the factory in the mid-1960s that David Brown subcontracted subsequent conversions to renowned coachbuilders Radford at the time.

The supercharged Vantage offered owners a huge bump in performance over the preceding Virage. Power rose to 550bhp & 550lbft of torque earning it the accolade of the most powerful production engine in the world, it also received the largest production brakes to be fitted to a road car.

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