Porsche (997.1) 911 GT3 RS

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Coming to market from a distinguished collection of modern limited-build Porsche sportscars, today this example presents with just 12,750 miles from new  

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This Porsche (997.1) 911 GT3 RS is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

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Whilst on paper the 997.1 GT3 RS may be little more than a colourful paintjob, it is in fact a true homologation special.

Sharing its underpinnings with the 997 GT3, the RS is powered by the same 3.6 litre 6-cylinder engine, developing 415 bhp. The rev limit comes in at 8,400rpm with peak power at 7,600 rpm and peak torque at 5,500 rpm.

As the homologation for the 911 GT3 RSR of the time, the 997.1 RS features a number of key differences. Notably, Porsche borrowed the 44mm wider body from the 997 C4 S, with the RS wheels bearing a shallower offset to account for the extra width.

Both the GT3 and RS feature fully adjustable suspension. Options include ride height, camber, toe angle and front/rear anti rollbars. The RS gains split rear wishbones to enable greater accuracy in setting rear camber. Unusually and admittedly only nominally, the wheelbase actually differs between the 997 GT3 and 997.1 GT3 RS, with the latter receiving a 5mm extension to echo the race car and help achieve greater stability and performance.

Whilst the GT3 RS saved just 20kg from the GT3, it did so whilst also incorporating the C4 wider body. Most of this saving was made possible by the standard inclusion of the bucket seats. The RS also received a plastic rear windscreen, carbon fibre engine cover and rear wing. The revisions nominally reduced the 0-60 sprint time but shaved a considerable 4 seconds from its Nurburgring lap time.

2007 Porsche (997.1) 911 GT3 RS

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  • Porsche (997.1) 911 GT3 RS
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