Ferrari LaFerrari (2015)

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Launched in 2013, the Laferrari marks Ferrari’s first foray into the world of hybridised hypercars. Breaking the trend of the ‘F’ nomenclature, the car follows the roughly 10 year gap that separated the Enzo from the F50. Retaining the much-loved formula, Ferrari assisted their naturally-aspirated V12 with 160hp and 200lb ft of torque from an electric motor. Combined the Laferrari generates 950bhp and 715lb ft of torque. Unlike its rivals systems that offer an electric-only mode, the electrical system has been designed to work at maximum output all of the time, as such creating a ‘torque-fill’ effect working in combination with the V12.

Derived from Formula 1 technology, the Laferrari regenerates energy at every given opportunity with the brakes, ABS, TCS and E-Diff recuperating any energy possible. As such the car produces more power and less weight than any of the hypercar ‘trilogy’, the Laferrari would remain a firm poster car and fan favourite.
With an official build number of just 499 examples during the production window, the Laferrari was sold exclusively to Ferrari’s best clients. Seeing it debut at the Geneva Motorshow in 2013 in Rosso Corsa, a large number of cars were built to echo this launch specification.

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