CEGGA 002/60 Powered by Ferrari (Tool Room Copy) (1960)

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A Unique Tool Room Copy 60s Endurance Racer Powered by Ferrari

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Following on from the major, fatal crash at Le Mans 24h in June 1955; Switzerland banned motorsport nationwide in a move that was only phased out in 2022. Whilst the incident had of course occurred in France, the decision was made that motorsport was too dangerous and all events other than local hill climb events would be banned.

Located in the small town of Aigle, Switzerland, brothers Georges and Claude Gachnang established Scuderia Cegga a couple of years later in 1959. The name CEGGA was formed from the compilation of the first letters of: Claude Et Georges Gachnang, Aigle. Claude the mechanic, Georges the driver.

In 1959, Georges and Claude bought a crashed Ferrari 250TR. Their first efforts had come the previous year with their AC Bristol, chassis 001/59. Learning from 1959, CEGGA rebuilt the entire rear end, introducing independent rear suspension with Koni shock absorbers and an AC/ENV differential including inboard disc brakes. There had been some debate at the time as to whether inboard brakes would benefit an endurance racer, but the brothers were keen to minimise unsprung weight.

At the front the suspension was improved as best they could towards TR60 specifications and included a unique way of bringing in negative camber by cutting the bottom suspension arms and inserting a 10mm filling piece. For a car that was capable of 170mph+, this was a pretty brave thing to do!

With the mechanicals completed, they tasked Scaglietti with building a new body shape. The rear end now siting much higher to house the high back end and new suspension.

CEGGA 002/60 - A Unique 60s Endurance Racer Powered by Ferrari

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  • CEGGA 002/60 Powered by Ferrari (Tool Room Copy)
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