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Kawasaki KZ1 B

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This Kawasaki KZ1 B is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

This vehicle is no longer for sale

Often described as the first true "Superbike", the Kawasaki Z1 is one of the most iconic Classic Japanese Motorcycles of all time. The styling of the Z1B was in essence the same as the Z1 and Z1A, however, there were several changes. Most notably that the Z1B was produced in two completely new colour schemes. Candy Super Red and Candy Super Blue. Unlike the Z1 and Z1A, the Z1B had the same colour stripes for both colour schemes .The five speed gearbox remained, however, the Z1B was fitted with a self lubricating O-Ring chain which meant that Kawasaki were able to discontinue the drive chain lubrication system fitted to Z1 and Z1A models. The design of some components had to be modified to accept the slightly wider chain.
US models of the Z1 and Z1A had always had folding rider's footrests whereas the UK models had fixed footrests. This changed with the Z1B and all riders footrests were now of the folding type, Kawasaki offered a lower handlebar option on UK models of the Z1B, however, this did not really prove to be very popular, with most customers opting for the traditional 'sit up and beg' type.

The speedometer on this example shows amazingly just 5kms. The bike is a 1975 example and is presented in the Candy Super Red colour scheme. This motorcycle is in an outstanding condition and is U.K registered with a current MOT the motorbike is complete with the instruction manual under the seat. A very rare opportunity to purchase an incredibly low mileage example of the superbike that started it all.