Lamborghini Miura P400 S

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One of Just 140 S models - Giallo Fly

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The modern supercar was born at the Geneva motorshow in 1966. When the Muira P400 broke cover it was so ahead of it's time that neither the public nor the assembled press knew what to make of it. It would take Enzo Ferrari far more experienced designers seven years before they could create a mid engined car which could produce over 300 bhp with the Boxer and staggering 30 years before they managed to out a V12 engine in a mid engined car, the F50. The Miura is the seminal supercar and it's no surprise that this flamboyant car originates from Itlaly and more specifically Ferrucio Lamborghini's Bolgna factory. Before the Miura Lamborghini were still largely unknown on the international stage however the Miura threw Lamborghini into the public eye. Lamborghini's engineers had created the fastest car on the planet on their first real attempt, even today the Miura continues to embody the spirit of the flamboyant Italian supercar.

The design of the car is attributed 22 Bertone designers who worked through the nights on the project for fear of Lamborghini scrapping the project due to high expense. It is widely acknowledged that one single man had the greatest influence on the finished product; Marcello Gandini. Gandini, the son of an orchestral conductor, was just 22 when he started working on the Miura, he worked at Bertone for a further fourteen years and his designs are undoubtedly amongst some of the most significant of the 20th century. As well as the Miura Gandini was responsible for both the Countach and the Diablo as well as the Lancia Stratos and even the original 5 Series BMW. All of Gandini's designs are modern icons however the Miura stands above the rest. It is no overstatement to cite the design importance of the Miura as perhaps being the most instrumental device in shaping the future of the supercar. The first supercar, the Miura is still often regarded as the finest.

This example offered here is a 1970 P400S, the "S" benefits from slightly more interior comforts such as electric windows, a modified centre console, locking glovebox and notched trunk panels which allow more room for luggage. The engine benefits from 20 more HP, largely the result of modified camshaft profiles and intake manifolds which are 2 mm larger. With just 140 Muira S models completed the "S" is rarer than both the standard P400 and much more expensive SV models. This particular car was delivered on the 4th of September 1970 to Roberto Carpanelli, a friend of Ferrucio Lamborghini who was acting as the Lamborghini agent in Rome. The Miura is now presented in Giallo Fly with black alcantara seats with Giallo piping. The speedometer shows the car has covered a total of just under 49,000 kms and is in superb condition. This Muira S represents an extraordinary opportunity to acquire a highly desirable Miura. In today's market the Miura S is excellent value compared to the SV's which are now selling regularly in excess of $1,000,000. Although considerably more affordable than the Muira SVs, despite their rarity, the Miura S is fast becoming a superior value blue chip investment alternative to the SV.

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