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250 V12 Testarossa

Highly Eligible recreation - Current FIA papers - RHD

This 250 V12 Testarossa is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

This vehicle is no longer for sale

This car was built alongside the restoration of an original car between 1994 and 1996, and was first registered on 25/9/96. A donor 250 GT Ferrari provided most of the running gear, engine, suspension, brakes and other such items (which are all correct for a 57 TR). The car was built to be as close a copy as possible to an original in RHD configuration. having restored several original cars previously to this it meant that access was available to the actual tooling for many parts such as a chassis jig, body jig and various key components. The car embodies many original TR parts, the engine has a genuine 128LM crank case and 1958 spec TR cylinder heads. The car was raced four times in 1996 and then sold to an Italian collector in 1997. The car then returned to the UK in 2005 having been virtually unused during this time period. In 2007 the 0803GT received a thorough freshen up and engine rebuild ready for use on events in Europe. In 2009 the car was purchased by Chris Evans the radio DJ and repainted in the traditional colour scheme of white with blue racing stripes. A new style set of FIA papers accompany the car , it is HGPCA & VSCC accepted and is elligible for races such as the BRDC and VSCC 50's sports car series, the Ferrari Classic series the Woodcote trophy and possibly the Goodwood revival.