Ferrari 365 GTS

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Only 20 365 GTS models were produced, making the 365 GTS one of the rarest and most sought after open Ferraris.  

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A rarity produced only during the 1969 season, the Ferrari 365GTS was in essence the preceding 330GTS with its engine further enlarged to 4.4 litres. This particular line of luxurious Ferrari spyders had commenced in 1964 with the arrival of the 275GTS, succeeding models retaining the same basic underpinnings while undergoing subtle re-styling courtesy of their creator, Pininfarina. All three employed the same short, 2400mm-wheelbase chassis: a multi-tubular spaceframe tied together by oval main tubes in the Ferrari tradition, but breaking new ground in its adoption of independent rear suspension - the latter a double wishbone and coil-spring arrangement similar to that of the 250LM sports-racer - and a rear-mounted five-speed transaxle combining the gearbox and differential in a single unit.

Stylistically, the 330GTS combined the rear of the 275GTS with a lengthened, more penetrative nose reminiscent of the 500 Superfast's frontal treatment, and this was retained for the 365GTS, though with the engine cooling vents re-located to the bonnet, an alteration which also characterised the last of the 330s. Mechanical changes were few; the most significant being the adoption of torque tube enclosure of the prop shaft with the advent of the 330GTS, a development which eliminated criticism of the handling of early 275s. Progressive enlargement of the Columbo-type 60-degree V12 brought with it commensurate improvements in performance, maximum power increasing from the 275's 260 to the 365's 320bhp, and top speed from 140 to over 150mph. Only 20 365 GTS models were produced, making the 365 GTS one of the rarest and most sought after open Ferraris.

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