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This Enzo is a very well maintained, one owner example and is, unlike so many, a car that can be used an enjoyed without worry of putting on miles  

One Owner From New - Exceptional Condition

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In 2002 Ferrari began production of the fastest road car they had ever made. Controversially named Enzo after the firms legendary founder, this 650bhp, 217mph supercar was the fourth in a line of ultra high performance Ferrari's. The Enzo weighed in at 1365kg, a little heavier than Ferrari had hoped for but still light enough for 476bhp per tonne.

A normally aspirated V12 with an all alloy block formed the heart of the Enzo's 6-litre motor and was the first of a new generation of Ferrari engines. With 5998cc it returned to a four valve cylinder head and featured a variable length induction system that extended the length of the induction pipes from 340 to 430mm via hydraulic actuators. Also new was variable inlet and exhaust valve timing that helped produce 650bhp at 7800rpm, more than any previous Ferrari production car.

Performance figures were very impressive, 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and 0-125 in 9.5 making the Enzo the fastest car in production between 2002 and 2004. The most obvious F1-derived detail was surely that raised nose flanked by a pair of radiators located ahead of each front wheel. These directed hot air through vents to the upper body, thus preventing it merging with the underbody airflow that used fast air to generate even more downforce - as much as 775kg at 186mph! Complex under body active aerodynamics meant no need for a traditional large rear wing.

The cabin was a technological tour de force also, the most advanced of its day. A complex steering wheel housed controls for driving modes, traction control, a trip computer, reverse gear and wing angles, the upper rim incorporating five LED's that came on in 500rpm instalments after 5500rpm.

Just 399 Enzo's were made between 2002 and 2004, all of which were completed in left hand drive, the last car rolling off the production line in May 2004.

This example offered for sale is presented in its factory specification of Rosso Corsa with Rosso Leather seats. The seats are fitted with black race harnesses and the dials are Red.

The car was delivered new to its first and only owner by Ineco (Padova, Italy) in March 2003, making it one of the very first Enzos delivered. Since then the car has returned regularly to Ferrari in Padova and has an up to date service history. The recommend 30,000km service has just been completed at Ineco.

The one and only owner of the car has enjoyed regular usage of the car and as a result the car has covered 18,000 miles since delivery. The cars presentation and condition is exceptional and is equivalent to that of a much much lower car, free of any major stone chips or scrapes at the front, the paint is excellent whilst the interior condition again resembles that of a much lower mileage car with very little evidence of wear at all. The car is accompanied by all its original books, tools, battery charger and seat and car covers as it would have been supplied with new.

This Enzo is a very well maintained, one owner example and is, unlike so many, a car that can be used an enjoyed without worry of putting on miles

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