Porsche 911 3.0 RSR

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This highly competitive RSR is well known regular competitor and is offered for sale in a race ready "on the button" condition.  

Multiple Tour Britannia Winner

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For the privateer in the mid-1970s who wanted to go sports car racing, and in particular compete successfully at the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans, there was really only one viable option, the Porsche RSR. Introduced in 1973, the RSR was a factory-built racing car based on the 911 chassis. These were not converted street cars, but rather purpose built competition models designed and built from the ground up for serious racing use. In 1974 the factory made significant changes to the car including a new 3.0 litre engine, wider wheels with centre lock hubs and improved aerodynamics. The result was a car that would dominate GT Racing.

In their RSR, Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood famously charged to victory in the 24 Hours of Daytona, the first race of the 1973 World Manufacturers' Championship. By season's end, the Carrera RSR had won the European championship for Grand Touring Cars, the Camel GT Challenge Cup (IMSA), the Targa Florio and numerous races in the SCCA's Trans Am Championship. From this point, the mighty RSR utterly dominated GT racing for many years to follow.

This example was converted from a 1975 LHD 911 in Germany to the highest possible standard for the purpose of competitive competition use. The car was campaigned in Europe and then brought into the UK in 2006 by 11 times Le Mans driver, Nick Faure. In the UK the car has been regularly successful in a huge variety of events. Most notably the car has won the Tour Britannia in 2008 and in 2010 and was the victor of the Tour Espania in 2006.

Unlike so many, this car has FIA HTP papers; the chassis and suspension are as per period specifications, the car has its original steel body which is also to the FIA's period specs, as are the hydraulic disc brakes, the steering components and the wheels. The car's flat 6 dry sump engine has been rebuilt in September and has not seen any real usage since. The motor is the correct type and is fitted with Bosch Electronic coil ignition; the gearbox is the correct "915" type 5 speed Porsche unit. The car also has a fully FIA approved Limited Slip Differential. In 2006 the current ATL FIA fuel tank was installed and as such the car is totally ready to be used an enjoyed in the huge variety of events that the car is eligible for. The cars total weight has been brought down to approximately 900 Kilos.

This RSR is accompanied by an extensive history file which includes details of all of the recent work undertaken, mainly by DFR Motorsport to ensure that the car has always been both reliable and competitive. The recent engine rebuild was carried out by MB Engineering. This highly competitive RSR is well known regular competitor and is offered for sale in a race ready "on the button" condition.

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