Ferrari 212 Inter

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An exceptionally pretty 212 Inter with a very interesting Vignale body  

A beautifully restored motor car with a very interesting history

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In 1951 the Ferrari 212 Inter replaced Ferrari's successful 166 and 195 Inter grand tourers. Unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show that year, the 212 was an evolution of the 166 — a sports car for the road that could also win international races. The chassis was similar to the 125 with double wishbones in front and live axle in back. Coachbuilders included Carrozzeria Touring, Ghia, Vignale, and Pinin Farina.

This example was originally supplied to Vivi Gioi, a famous Italian actress, in 1952 and was fitted with a not-so-elegant Ghia cabriolet body. In the late 1950's the bodywork was modified extensively. At some point the body and engine was then removed and the car was displayed for many years as a rolling chassis in a museum. In 2006 the marriage was made between the rolling chassis and this unique, most fetching and original Vignale body we see fitted today. The story of this body is most interesting as it has been fitted to no less than three motor cars during its life! Originally it is believed the body was commissioned by the French driver Michel Poberejsky who raced under the name 'Myke Sparken'. Sparken had the body fitted to his newly acquired Aston Martin DB3 (#3) which had been involved in a racing incident and required a new body. Sparken raced the car with its Vignale body at Casablanca with Salvadori in 1953, at Agadir and in Dakar during 1954.

Sparken began racing Ferraris in 1955 and DB3 #3 was then sold to Mr Cerretti and then Mr Boris (a helicopter manufacturer) who kept on racing. In 1956, DB3 #3 appeared at Montlhéry with a new owner Mr Prodiaz. It is thought that the car was then dismantled in the late 1950's once its racing commitments were completed and the body was then transferred to a Ferrari. This was in fact a very famous Ferrari, that being #0196A, a car that had run with a Vignale spyder body at Le Mans in 1952. It was confirmed some years ago by both Roy Salvadori and Myke Sparken that this body was in fact removed from the Aston and fitted to the Ferrari. 0196A was dispatched with its new coupe bodywork almost immediately to the USA where it remained from approximately 1960 until the late 1990's.

In 2001 the coupe bodywork was removed from 0196A as the decision had been made to have 0196A restored to its original configuration as per when it ran at Le Mans. This wonderful and original Vignale body was now redundant, but of course too good to scrap. The decision was therefore made to find a suitable car that was missing a body and instead of fabricating a new body, it would be the right thing to marry the chassis with this original bodywork from the same period. As a result we see this most elegant and very eligible motor car before us that is being offered publicly for sale for the very first time. The car offers a great deal including excellent value for money! Accompanied by FIA papers.

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