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Dino 246 GTS

The second last UK delivered 246 GTS - Fitted with "Flares" from new

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This vehicle has been Classiche certified by the Ferrari factory.

The GTS version of the 246 Dino arrived at the Geneva Salon in March 1972. The GTS was built on the series III platform and featured a removable targa roof panel that could be stowed behind the seats. The chassis was also modified with reinforced extra bracing along the sides and front of the engine frame. Aside the targa top visibly the GTS could be identified by the lack of rear three-quarter windows, these being replaced by a bank of three vents carved out from each sail panel. Production of both the GT and GTS came to an end in 1974, just 235 right-hand drive GTS's were built.

This very rare example, chassis 07776, is perhaps the most sought after and desirable GTS Dino available. This car was the second last delivered to the UK in RHD GTS spec arriving in early 1974. For the end of production an option of flared wheel arches and seven and a half inch sand cast Campagnolo wheels to fit these larger arches was offered. 07776 was duly ordered in such a spec and presented in Bianco Polo. The wider race spec wheels and flared arches gave the car a more aggressive stance and a competition feeling. Added to this 07776 was fitted with full black leather interior (vinyl was standard for most Dinos) and electric windows.

Just 17 RHD examples were delivered with this option; 07776 being the very last Dino delivered with flared wheel arches to the UK. This was the sole "flares" Dino GTS supplied to the UK in this colour combination.

Having formed part of a major collection for some years 07776 has just been subjected to a very large refreshment at DK Engineering including a bare metal respray to an original factory Dino colour of Nuovo Giallo. At this time the seats have been reupholstered and a thorough service has been carried out including a complete suspension and brake overhaul. The clutch has also been replaced along with any gaskets and filters as required. Having been totally restored some years ago 07776 remains in superb condition and represents an opportunity to acquire one of so few cars that are favoured as the best specification by so many.