Maserati 250F

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Arguably the greatest and most notorious Grand Prix racer  

Chassis CM5

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The Maserati 250 F really does not require an introduction, arguably the most iconic post-war single-seater and almost certainly among the most successful. The 250F is also remarkable for the longevity of its successful racing career at the pinnacles of motorsport in an age of rapid development. The first cars were raced in 1954 and in fact Fangio won his first world championship in a 250F in 1954 and 250Fs were still proving successful on track weapons in international motorsport as late as the late 50s (including another world championship for Fangio in 1957). The design of the 250F did change slightly in this period, with differing features as a result of a hasty decision to move the oil tank to the tail of the car, some very early cars had external oil pipes. Ultimately every 250F was different; for example some cars had almost totally round grill whilst others had a far more elliptical shape, likewise some cars were built with many more Louvres than others and the amount of rivets on the bodywork again greatly varied from chassis to chassis. Almost all of the original 250Fs were raced extensively and notable drivers included most notably Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss, Alberto Ascari, Peter Collins, Mike Hawthorn and Luigi Musso.

WW2 Squadron leader Cameron Millar was a highly competent engineer who had garnered a passion for Maseratis and in particular the 250Fs. He acquired his first Maserati 250F in 1964. A little later in 1967 Millar also managed to acquire all the remaining cars and parts from the Scuderia Centro Sud, who had campaigned the cars in period, and most crucially the chassis jigs from the factory. As a result he was able to produce a second series of chassis identical in their dimensions to the originals to be fitted with largely original 250F parts. In a 20 year period it is thought that just 12 cars were produced and the earliest of these cars benefitted from the the largest proportion of genuine parts.

These cars are so well regarded that not only did the FIA did grant them full eligibility to compete alongside the older cars, but Fangio acquired CM3 for his Museum in South America. As a result Cameron Millar cars (and in particular the first 6) are hugely desirable and extremely revered.

This exceptional example is CM5, the fifth car produced by the legendary Cameron Millar, the car was produced for the Scottish Maserati collector Ray Fielding and his family. The fielding family owned a huge number of important Maseratis including a genuine 250F, 200SI, 4CLT, 6Cm and more, The Maserati club's premier trophy is aptly named the Ray Fielding Award. If there was anyone who could claim to be as passionate about historic Maseratis as Cameron Millar it was surely Ray Fielding. It of course is a true credit to Cameron Millar that Fielding purchased one of these cars to sit in his museum. CM5 was made from a new chassis frame and the running gear from the original 250F #2518. #2518 was actually #2512, the car that had finished fourth at the Italian GP in 1955 and 2nd in Argentina in '56, but later rebodied with an experimental "streamliner" body. Following an unsuccessful trial the car was dismantled.

CM5 remained with the Fielding family from 1979 until 2012, the car was assembled but never raced and as such when the car came to DK in 2012 it was clearly the most unmolested CM car but also in need of reconditioning and restoration. Over the past 12 months the car has been totally restored. The original engine has been fully rebuilt and a 2nd crankcase has been purchased and fitted to the car, so as to preserve the original unit, all of the mechanical items have been rebuilt and fitted to the car which is now ready to be raced in the forthcoming seasons events. The car is accompanied by its FIA HTP papers and a comprehensive restoration record. CM5, in its current outstanding condition and with its pure "one owner" history is an exceptionally rare opportunity to acquire a fantastic example of the definitive front engined Grand Prix car.

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