Alfa Romeo GTA Corsa

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This GTA is as desirable as they come being a 1965 GTA Corsa it is eligible and competitive for all major historic events such as the Modena Cento Ore, Tour Auto, and Le Mans Classic.  

Original Specification

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Introduced to the public in 1965 at the Amsterdam Motor Show, Alfa Romeo, the great marque with an even greater racing past, launched their new weapon to compete against their big touring car rival Ford - the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA. This new race car was based on the Giulia Sprint GT, which had been launched in 1963 and today is simply known as the "Bertone".

In early 1966, one could buy such a Giulia Sprint GTA in street version ("Stradale") for Lit. 2.995.000. A Ferrari 275 GTB in comparison then had a price tag of Lit. 5.750.000. But to get a full race version ("Corsa") of the GTA by Autodelta, you had to pay another Lit. 3.000.000! So what is so special about such a car that it would cost you more than a Ferrari 275 GTB in 1966?

The Giulia Sprint GTA Stradale; Autodelta, which was an (from Alfa Romeo) independent company, specialized in the preparation of race cars, had nothing to do with the Giulia Sprint GTA, except for some development work for Alfa Romeo. Like all Alfa Romeos, Giulia Sprint GTAs were being constructed on the normal assembly line in Arese, even including those GTAs which became works GTA-Corsas.

The Giulia Sprint GTAs were a lot different to the standard Sprint GTs. Most importantly, the complete GTA-bodywork was constructed from a lightweight aluminum alloy, called Peraluman 25. The body panels were affixed by pop-rivets, which, is an easy and clear distinguishing feature (clearly visible in the channel between the roof and the rain gutter).

Other differences (excluding options) included:

- twin spark plug per cylinder head, dual Bendix electrical fuel pumps and 2 side draft Weber 45 DCOE 14 carburettors

- cam cover, bell housing and sump were made of Electron, a magnesium based alloy

- 28mm oil sump

- 6.00 Jx14 Campagnolo wheels, also made of Electron

- tubular steel exhaust manifolds were used instead of cast-iron ones

- smaller radiator with the same capacity

- the upper location T-bar from the rear axle was made of alloy

- rear side windows in Perspex

- wire mesh radiator grille

- small door handles

- ultra light bucket seats

- a wood rim Hellebore steering wheel

- Quadrifoglio stickers on the front fenders

Compared to the Giulia Sprint GT, these changes led to a 205 Kg decrease in weight for a total dry weight of 745 kg. Thanks in part to the twin plug per cylinder head and the 45 DCOE Weber carburetors, the 1570cc DOHC engine produced 115 Hp at 6.000 rpm.

The GTA was only available in two colours Bianco Spino 013, and Rosso Alfa 501, while the interior was finished in grey imitation leather.

The Giulia Sprint GTA Corsa; Private clients could have their GTA Stradale prepared by Autodelta for a considerable price increase. After the Autodelta work, the engine block would look completely different. Its parts were finished with much more precision and many polished. The crankshaft was designed slightly differently so as to be more rigid. The unique flywheel, machined for lightness, eliminated the need for scatter shields. Autodelta tuned engines had a power output of approx. 170 Hp instead of 115 Hp. The gearbox also received special treatment, with close ratio gears, some of the gears and shafts were lightened with drilled holes.

This GTA Corsa, Chassis number 613362, is a rare sight today in its original unmolested specification. It was delivered on 11 September 1965 to Roberto Locatelli, Milano registered "MI A57033". In October '67 it was advertised in Auto Italiana magazine as follows "Autodelta, race ready, never raced". The second owner Ermonio Maggia of Novara bought the car in December '67, registered "NO 153168" and raced it in Italian Hillclimbs. On 11 March 1970 it was sold to Torino registered "TO D62596".

The car has benefited from a comprehensive mechanical and electrical overhaul by Italauto GmbH, and the body, including paintwork, is in superb condition. The Campagnolo electron wheels have been refurbished and fitted with new AVON tyres.

This car has all the specific and rare parts which separates the GTA Corsa from a "normal" GTA or a Sprint GT such as:

- Alloy bodywork

- Twin-spark plug per cylinder head

- GTA pistons etc.

- Magnesium cam cover

- GTA gearbox

- Magnesium oil sump pan

- Magnesium bell housing

- Sliding block rear axle

- Complete GTA interior

- Original Roll cage and drivers seat - currently not installed

- 14" Camgagnolo electron wheels

- Hellebore steering wheel

This car is mentioned in Tony Adriaensens GTA bible "Alleggerita" as a genuine Tipo 105.32 GTA as well as being certifified by the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo. This GTA is as desirable as they come being a proper 1965 GTA Corsa it is eligible and competitive for all major historic events such as the Modena Cento Ore, Tour Auto, Le Mans Classic etc.

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