McLaren P1 (2014)

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the electric motors aid with the IPAS, or Instant Power Assist System. Press it when the car is travelling in a straight line and electrics provide full the power possible creating a resultant 903bhp  

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This McLaren P1 is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

This vehicle is no longer for sale

The McLaren P1 is a limited production plug-in hybrid supercar built by the British automotive manufacturer, McLaren Automotive. The concept car debuted at the 2012 Paris Motor Show and deliveries to retail customers began in the UK in October 2013 Just 375 units were scheduled to be built. It is considered to be the long-awaited successor to the McLaren F1, utilizing hybrid power and Formula 1 technology.

The P1 features a 727bhp, twin turbo V8 assisted by an electric motor that, fed from two lithium-ion battery packs, can provide up to a further 176bhp. The seven speed gearbox is controlled semi automatically via paddles from a double clutch transmission related to that in the conventional 12C, but with longer, strengthened ratios. The tub started life as that of the 12C, too, with a stressed roof section added, but the P1 has evolved during four years of development and now shares only the basic concept with its less potent stablemate. Like most of the body, it is of course made from carbon fibre.

The aero package is massively complex, not least because the deployable rear wing varies its position according to which mode the car is in and incorporates both an air brake and an F1 style drag reduction system, labelled as "DRS" on the steering wheel. The cabin is closely related to that of the 12C but with more exposed carbon, additional switchgear to operate all its different systems and carbon fibre bucket seats that offer world-class location for your body and also far more interior space.

Without using its electrics to boost peak output, the P1 has approximately the same power as a Ferrari F12, but with about 180kg less to carry. This gives it a power to weight ratio similar to that of a Bugatti Veyron. Remarkably, the flat-plane cranked 3.8-litre turbo charged engine has no lag at all resulting in a throttle response that is as sharp as the best normally aspirated engine. The hybrid system is not there just to give more power, it also fills in all the holes in the torque curve.

The electric motors aid with the IPAS, or Instant Power Assist System. Press it when the car is travelling in a straight line and electrics provide full the power possible creating a resultant 903bhp. Alternatively the car can of course be driven in full and silent electric mode making just a visual statement at such times! When switched into "race" mode the P1 embarks upon a 30 second process, in which time the P1 sinks 50mm lower to the ground and the rear wing flips up into maximum downforce mode. The lowering of the ride height and additional rear wing provides 600kg of downforce at 150mph; above this speed the wing deliberately spills downforce to improve maximum speed (217mph), and therefore negates the need for stiffer springing to support the body and keep the car in aerodynamic balance front to rear.

All allocated build slots have now been sold and the final cars are nearing the end of the production line. DK Engineering have sourced and today offer for sale this delivery mileage example with just 35 kms on the clock. The car was built to European specification and is presented in "Pearl White" with "Carbon Black" Alcantara seats, dash, door inserts, steering wheel and sun visors. On the exterior the car is finished with visible carbon fibre on the Mirrors, Side Panels, Snorkal, Front Bumper, LTR exit ducts, rear clam insert and the rear bumper. The car also has a full stealth pack with stealth badges and wheels which cover the Red Calipers with Black Logos. To assist the driver the vehicle is equipped with parking sensors, a meridian sound system, an Ash tray and a fire extinguisher.

This delivery mileage car is UK registered and available to view at our showrooms just outside London immediately.

Mclaren P1 by DK Engineering

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