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The 365 GT4 BB replaced the immortal 365 GTB/4 Daytona. It would be substantially different from previous models in two respects. Firstly, Ferrari opted for a Flat-12 engine as opposed to the traditional V12. Equally importantly though, the F1-derived motor would be mounted in the middle of the chassis to improve handling. Lamborghini had adopted the mid-engined layout nearly seven years earlier with their incredible Miura. 1973's BB production car was inspired by the unique P6 Berlinetta Speciale, a one-off shown on Pininfarina's stand at the 1968 Turin Salon. The mid mounted Flat-12 featured a displacement of 4390cc and was clearly derived from the three-litre motors used so successfully in the 312 B and B2 Grand Prix cars raced by the Scuderia Ferrari between 1970 and '74. These engines are always referred to as a Flat-12 over-square Boxer, the dimensions of these engines are actually more like those of a V-banked engine with an angle of 180°. Hence the car was give the "BB" suffix for "Berlinetta Boxer"

With a top speed in excess of 175mph and 0-60 in just 5.4 seconds, the GT4 BB was an impressive performer in 1973 and remains so even today. The 365 GT4 BB was launched at the Paris Salon during October 1973, although the first prototype had been seen as long ago as Turin '71. Production continued until late 1976, by which time the successor to this 4.4-litre 365, the new 5-litre 512, had replaced it. Just 387 GT4 Boxer's were completed in little more than three years, 58 of which were in right-hand drive.

This particular 365 BB was completed in June 1974 and was originally finished in Giallo Fly with a black leather interior. The early history of the car is superbly documented by Ferrari historian Marcel Massini. This 365 GT4 BB is an extremely well looked after car and is exceedingly rare and highly sought after, being one of 387 first-series 365 GT4 Boxers. Initially, the car was delivered to Paris and was owned by a gentleman from Belgium. However, in 1981 the car was exported to Texas and in 1984 was acquired by Mr Richard Rider, who repainted the car into its current black finish and kept it for 30 years, using the vehicle very sparingly. The car retains its original Voxson AM/FM stereo, upholstery, spare wheel and tyre and the car will be supplied with the correct type triple pipe exhaust; which can either be fitted or left for the future whilst retaining the current sports exhaust. The car is currently in the UK and is ready to be viewed at our showrooms just outside London.

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