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The iconic Ferrari 250 GT SWB, is a true work of automotive art and deserves its place a major part the motorcar hall of fame. The "SWB" or "Passo Corto" was the result of a collaboration between the two great "Carrozzeria" who up until this point had shared claim to Ferraris greatest constructions, in the case of the "Passo Corto" it was to be designed by Pinifarina and constructed by Scaglietti - the result was stunning bodywork regarded as many as simply the ultimate example of "Form Follows Function". Unlike the 250 GT Lusso the "SWB" was very much intended for racing and 45% of the cars were thus bodied in lighter aluminium, the remainder in steel. As a result this model is regarded as the Epitome of the gentlemen driver's racing scene - a car which could be driven to the circuit raced extremely competitively and then driven home. Whilst it would be remiss to talk of the "SWB" and not mention the huge success that this celebrated model had in the greatest International Sports Races of its day, it must also be noted that several other cars never set so much as a tread of tyre onto a Motor circuit.
Only 167 cars were manufactured between the years of 1959 and 1962; they all featured a 3 litre V12 engine (the Type 128 engine of the TDF was developed into the Type 168 that was used in the SWB), which produced up to 280bhp. The actual term "short wheelbase" derives from the 200mm cut from the TDF and earlier models, taking the measurement down to 2400mm. Ferrari would supply the 250 SWB bespoke to the customer's specification and could build the car so it was favoured for either track or road use. The road going versions usually had steel bodies, whilst the competition cars were alloy bodied and all 250 SWBs were fitted as standard with Dunlop disc brakes all round.

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