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Aston Martin DB4GT

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Produced between 1959 and 1963, Aston Martin would build just 75 DB4GTs with a mere 45 examples in right hand drive. The DB4GT would combine an unmatched level of performance combined with an exceptional ability of driving both on road and race track. This combination immediately challenged Ferrari's former dominance in GT racing and would produce immediate success.

To increase performance, Aston Martin created a shorter, lighter, and more powerful creation than the road going DB4. The body was put on a strict weight saving diet, using thinner panel work of 18-gauge aluminium alloy. The engine was modified extensively with a higher 9:1 compression ratio, twin plug cylinder head and triple dual-throat Weber 45 DCOE carburettors creating 302 bhp, and making the DB4GT as the most powerful British car of its era.