Atalanta Bluebird

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Built with permission, to commemorate and honour the sporting achievements of Donald Campbell  

1930's Style With a Modern Heart - 1 of Just 2 Continuation Atalantas

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Rekindling on old British Marque is always a worthwhile exercise. Founded in 1937, Atalanta of Middlesex’ time was short lived, although one of the most advanced brands of the time. The brand built 22 cars in two years of production powered by both a 4- cylinder and in the second year, a V12 powerplant. In 1939 when the war broke out, the company abandoned production of cars, instead turning to pumping equipment.

Atalanta had big dreams. In 1938, the brand would head to Le Mans with their 1.5 litre 4-cylinder powered model. Unfortunately, the car retired early due to a broken driveshaft. Born again in 2011 under the stewardship of Martyn Corfield, an avid fan and supporter from Staffordshire, acquired an original car from an auction and the proceeded to acquiring the required licensing to build a modern-day example. Corfield sought the finest materials to ensure perfect fit and fit finish, a re-engineered, re-mastered version of the original. This is one of just two new build Atalantas.

Powered once more by a 4cylinder engine, this time a 2.5 litre Atalanta-developed unit, affords the car a healthy 214hp and 198lb ft of torque. The transmission is a manual five-speed Borg Warner unit with a revised and updated Atalanta aluminium casing. Unlike other vintage lookalikes, everything on the Atalanta has been bespoke. As such the fit and finish on the cars is unlike anything similar, that might borrow switchgear and the like to make it work.

Donald Campbell spent his life chasing speed records. Regularly short of funds, Campbell followed in his father’s footsteps. During the 50s and 60s, the land and water speed records were repeatedly broken in a leapfrog motion between Britain and the USA. Before his death at the helm of his record-breaking boat in 1967, he had broken eight absolute world speed records on water and on land and remains the only person to set both world land and water speed records in the same year.

Captivated and in complete admiration of Mr Campbell’s countless records, Mr Corfield set out to replicate the challenge by his own means in 2009. To do so, he used his Austin Healey endurance racer to set over 19 national and international records, including the fastest ever UK 100 miles at 150.48mph. Built with permission of the Campbell family, the Atalanta Bluebird harks back to the classic days of motoring with modern conveniences.

To celebrate such a strong racing heritage, in 2017 Atalanta set about production of the Bluebird to mark the 50th anniversary of Donald Campbell’s death. Based on the Atalanta Sports two-seater, the Bluebird adds a number of exquisite features to truly set it apart. The Atalanta Bluebird is available to view at our showrooms just outside London immediately.

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