Bugatti EB110 Supersport (1995)

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This car features the significantly more user-friendly GT specification interior and at the request of the first owner include a 20bhp power upgrade, putting this example around 630bhp!  

1 of Just 32 Supersports - GT Interior From New - 14,800 Km

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The historial Bugatti brand had laid dormant since the shuttering of its door in 1952, the late 1980s provided Italian Ferrari dealer Romano Artioli the finances and motivation to create a new supercar. Artioli established the brand once more and in 1987 built an enormous, state of the art factory in Campogalliano outside Modena in Northern Italy.

After four years of development, the EB110 was revealed to the world for the first time on 15th September 1991, honoring 110 years since Ettore Bugatti was born.

A technological tour de force, the EB110 was equipped with a 3.5 litre mid-mounted V12. Five valves per cylinder and four turbochargers meant the EB110 benefitted from 553hp in GT form, mated to a 6-speed manual and four wheel drive system. Penned by the inimitable Marcello Gandini and Giampalo Bendini, the striking angular form really set the car apart from its rivals. Whilst the brief had very much dictated class-leading performance, much like Bugattis of old the EB110 was very much designed to be a comfortable car; a leather interior with wood trim meant it was well suited to longer journeys.

Six months after the launch of the GT, Artioli introduced the Supersport at Geneva in 1992. Revisions to the engine, ECU and exhaust meant that power was increased a considerable 60bhp up to 610bhp. At the same time, the aerodynamics were improved, the gained new wheels and rear spoiler as well as distinctive circular vents behind the side windows in profile. Through the use of carbon-kevlar panels instead of the already lightweight aluminium, weight was dropped by 150kg to just 1,400kg. Mighty impressive today and more so for a 610 bhp supercar in 1992.

The SuperSport was capable of 0-60 in just 3.26 seconds. The four-wheel-drive system, lower weight and increased power output gave the car the edge over the likes of Ferrari’s F50 and Porsche GT1. The topspeed was a mind-blowing 221mph.

These improvements afforded the EB110 records for fastest acceleration, fastest series-production car and even fastest series-production car on ice.

Artioli had high hopes for the brand and it started to gain traction after the purchase of a Supersport by Michael Schumacher in 1994. The same year, the EB110 made a surprise appearance at the 24hrs of Le Mans, 55 years since Bugatti had raced at the circuit. The SS was the fastest qualifier in class, although a blowout in the final hour threw the car into the wall on the Mulsanne straight. A second racecar was commissioned from its demonstrated abilities at Le Mans and raced in the USA in the IMSA championship.

Ultimately Artioli’s over-ambitious plans were to be the company’s demise. After an purchasing Lotus from General Motors, and attempting to develop the EB112 four-door saloon at the same time, funds ran out and the company was declared bankrupt.

SUPER SPORT 39037 - This is one of just 32 Supersports completed by Bugatti. One of the last five built, this car features the highest engine number fitted to a Supersports.

Supplied new via Swiss importer A. Chevalley of Nyon to an investment firm in Fribourg. This Supersport is finished in Blu Bugatti over Grigio Chiaro leather interior. As was commonplace with the later built examples, this car benefits from a number of special-order options. Most prominently, this car features the significantly more user friendly GT specification interior, with carbon fibre dashboard inserts in place of the GT standard fit wood panelling.

Further special options at the request of the first owner include a 20bhp power upgrade, putting this example around 630bhp! The driver's seat was requested to be raised by 2cm and the car was also additionally fitted with a fire extinguisher and luggage set. Confirming its late production, this SS features electric seat controls in the centre of the dashboard as had been planned for the US specification cars.

Completed in 1995, the car was delivered immediately to its first owners Frinvest SA in Fribourg. Its second owner, Antonio Puig of Barcelona raced at the time in the BPR Championship in the Venturi 400 GT and in fact, competed against the EB110 at Le Mans in 1994. In 2012 the car was sold to Monaco where it was registered ‘B110’ and seen on a number of occasions. In May 2015, the car was sold to Austria where it remained until with a private owner. It was on display with the Hödlmayr Classic Car Centre and then seen at Retromobile in 2018.

In November 2019, the car returned to the famed Campogalliano factory for the reunion and celebration of the EB110. After which, we sourced the car for its most recent owner, once more returning the car to Monaco. The car was returned for a full service with no expense spared at B-Engineering in 2019 and upon arrival with use, the brakes were sent back for a complete overhaul. Now very much on the button and with us at our showrooms outside London, this extremely special EB110 SS is UK registered and ready for its next custodian.

Please note, this vehicle is no longer for sale.

Bugatti EB110 SS

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