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Ferrari F512M

1 of 41 UK Supplied Examples - 17,800 Miles

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The Pininfarina designed Ferrari 512 TR first saw its introduction in late 1984, the Testarossa stunned the world with its horizontal slatting, wide hips both accentuating the model’s width and low centre of gravity. A design cue which would be replicated on other Ferraris but never succeeded as well as this model. Some say the epiphany of an 80s style icon the striking features of the TR was a surprisingly organic remains as handsome today as it was. Twenty-Five years ago. Contrary to its imposing looks the drive is quite docile, positively reactive to progression and makes a great noise. The extent of the leather was vast, covering nearly all surfaces which really gave a plush feel to the cabin space. When horizontally opposed twelve-cylinder engine that made 390hp, the car was quick and made fantastic noises, but was also very plush with leather almost everywhere, including on the rear shelf, headliner, and visors. The trunk is reasonably sized and the car very comfortable and easy to drive, making it an ideal way to cover long distances at high speeds in comfort. Many Testarossa owners use them regularly.

The 1994 Paris Motor Show showcased the 512M for the first time. The TR initials were dropped in favour of a single M, which in Italian stood for “Modificata”. Being the Testarossa’s final throw of the dice, the build quality, styling, and power was best saved until last 1995. For the first time, there were major cosmetic changes, the original pop-up headlights being replaced by fixed lamps beneath clear covers, the grille size reduced, round tail lamps adopted, and three-piece wheels fitted. Titanium connecting rods went into the engine, which produced marginally more power and torque than before.

The F50, Enzo and La Ferrari aside, the 512M was the Italian marques last mid-engine 12-cylinder car, featuring the company’s last flat cranked V12 engine. The Testarossa was replaced in 1996 by the front-engine 550 Maranello coupé, which was already a totally different concept for Ferrari.

1 of 41 UK RHD examples, 1 of 75 RHD examples, this from a total production run of only 501 cars. Today, from new registration in January 1996, Chassis No. 102744 shows just 17,824 miles in 25 years passed. Lancaster Garages first had the use as their demonstrator vehicle, and as such classic Rosso Corsa over Crema, colour combination represents the model well.

Bringing the service records up to date are two in-depth Invoices. The first being in 2015 at 17, 824 miles by a renowned Ferrari Specialist. A full engine-out major service, including spark plugs, cambelts, all fluids, a master Cylinder, a refresh to the fuel lines to name but a few, totalling c £8,500. 5.5 years later and as part of DKs pre-sales prep is a fortifying mechanical inspection. Including the replacement of the cambelts, spark plugs, battery, a full fluid change, plus further experience-led improvements throughout the vehicle.

Presented with the sale is a letter from renowned Ferrari archive expert Tony Willis who confirms the 512Ms UK registration and the initial specification. This extremely rare, low mileage example is mechanically sound and would complement any collection and is available to view by appointment at our showrooms outside of London.

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