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One of Just 37 Giallo Enzos - Meticulous Accompanying Documentation

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In 2002 Ferrari began production of the fastest road car they had ever made. Controversially named Enzo after the firm's legendary founder, this 650bhp, 217mph supercar was the fourth in a line of ultra-high performance Ferrari's. The Enzo weighed in at 1365kg, a little heavier than Ferrari had hoped for but still light enough for 476bhp per tonne.

A normally aspirated V12 with an all-alloy block formed the heart of the Enzo's 6-litre motor and was the first of a new generation of Ferrari engines. With 5998cc it returned to a four-valve cylinder head and featured a variable-length induction system that extended the length of the induction pipes from 340 to 430mm via hydraulic actuators. Also new was variable inlet and exhaust valve timing that helped produce 650bhp at 7800rpm, more than any previous Ferrari production car.

Performance figures were very impressive, 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and 0-125 in 9.5 making the Enzo the fastest car in production between 2002 and 2004. The most obvious F1-derived detail was surely that raised nose flanked by a pair of radiators located ahead of each front wheel. These directed hot air through vents to the upper body, thus preventing it from merging with the underbody airflow that used fast air to generate even more downforce - as much as 775kg at 186mph! Complex under body active aerodynamics meant no need for a traditional large rear wing.

The cabin was a technological tour de force also, the most advanced of its day. A complex steering wheel housed controls for driving modes, traction control, a trip computer, reverse gear and wing angles, the upper rim incorporating five LED's that came on in 500rpm instalments after 5,500rpm. Just 399 (+1)Enzo’s were made between 2002 and 2004, all of which were completed in left-hand drive, the last car rolling off the production line in May 2004.

Confirmed by Marcel Massini to be one of just thirty-seven Enzos originally finished in Giallo Modena, this example was delivered new in the U.K. through Maranello Sales. Arguably a more fitting colour for the Enzo, Giallo being the colour of Modena; Enzo Ferrari’s birthplace.

Its first owners, Ciaran Caulfield and Michael Cullen, a pair of Ferrari fanatics and close friends who raced together in the Ferrari Challenge Series at the time; the pair received the car on 8th July 2003. In addition to its Giallo Modena paintwork, the car boasts a black interior with carefully chosen Giallo stitching. The contrasting stitching can only be found on the steering wheel, handbrake gaiter, across the top of the glove box and in the headlining. The remainder of the interior is exquisitely appointed with special-order, diamond hatching, on both the seats and rear bulkhead; a very rarely seen option. It is understood this option was made available to the original owners as close friends of Luca di Montezemolo; also known to have extended the number of options available to those in the Ferrari Challenge series at the time!

The diamond pattern does away with the yellow stitching, more subtly finished in black for a supremely elegant interior. This is believed to be the sole Giallo Enzo with a diamond pattern interior. Additionally, the car sees a Giallo rev counter, four-point harnesses in black and large-size seats.

First registered to Caulfield, the Enzo was seen out and about during that time, most notably at the Goodwood Festival of Speed just after it was delivered. It was re-registered to Cullen in August 2003 and remained registered in his name throughout the remainder of their joint ownership. Passing through an intermediary owner for a very brief amount of time, the Enzo’s second registered owner acquired the car through Graypaul Nottingham on 3rd February 2005, amazingly, the car would remain in that family’s ownership for the following 15 ½ years, before being acquired by its current custodian in August of 2020.

Upon his purchase, the current owner set about meticulously bringing the car to Concours standards, which included removing all “sticky-plastics”, a common problem on Ferraris of this era, and sending them out to be refinished, refurbishing all four wheels, and a complete detail.

What helps this Enzo to stand out from its peers is the truly incredible volume of factory accessories and memorabilia accompanying the car, this collection was truly a labour of love compiled by the current owner who spent countless hours tracking down these individual items:

- A complete set of original manuals including the original warranty manual and Ferrari-branded torch.
- A complete toolset, including white working gloves still in plastic packaging, all fuses, centre lock wheel tool, and original tyre inflator in its case.
- Luggage set: two suit carriers and one handbag
- Four red Ferrari-branded covers: one for the car, two for each seat, and one for the steering wheel
- Spare key
- Original battery charger
- Original press kit for the Enzo, including an unopened 2002 Ferrari Yearbook and a booklet on the Enzo published by Autocar magazine
- Six lithographs in their protective case
- Spare accelerator pedal

In terms of its service history, the car has been wonderfully looked after, only by Ferrari authorised service centres, from day one. Each invoice is included in the car’s history file, comprising of two binders of documentation, and no less than fifteen stamps in the service book. The last annual service was carried out by Maranello Egham at 15,835 kms on October 2020. At this time, the Enzo was also inspected for Classiche certification which was subsequently granted in December 2020. Its certification binder accompanies the history file, which confirms that the Enzo is finished in its original colours and retains its original engine and gearbox, presenting today just as it did when it left the factory.

Further to this, the car has been enrolled in the Ferrari Premium program, which is an official Ferrari program that ensures that all scheduled and preventative maintenance has been carried out, including confirming that all recalls have been completed. This exciting new program was established in 2019 to support the owners of modern classics in ensuring that their cars are always properly looked after to the highest possible standards, using only original Ferrari components. The program enables the replacement of components that are subject to wear over time, such as the notorious sticky buttons (the replacement of which were recently completed on this example), as well as suspension and trim components amongst other items. As of September 2021, this is the first Enzo in the U.K. to be enrolled in this program, and it is accompanied by a certificate issued by Ferrari stating that all of the requisite maintenance has been carried out as of September 1, 2021. This accounted for just over £12,000 of work in addition to the car’s most recent annual service and saw work carried out on the fuel induction system, cooling system, hydraulic power steering system, and the braking system of the car.

Needless to say, this is an Enzo that truly needs nothing, a wonderful car in all regards, one that can easily be driven and enjoyed as intended, having already been driven 15,900 kms from new, and a car that could easily be displayed at Ferrari Club Concours events, along with its numerous accessories and memorabilia. Truly the connoisseurs’ Enzo, it is available for inspections at our facilities just outside London immediately.

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