Porsche 911 2.0L

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Historika Shell - Maxted-Page Engine - JRT Setup

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When the ‘911’ arrived in 1964, it replaced the 356, a car that had elevated Porsche as a brand and found countless homes the world over. The eagerly awaited ‘Type 901’ introduced a 2.0 flat-6 producing around a 130hp at the time, two cylinders up from the 356 4cyl. That car would be renamed the 911 by the end of 1964 and the “911” would go on to become the most successful sports car ever built, the One-Millionth 911 rolled off the production in May 2017. In motorsport, various versions of the 911 have won at every level including the Le Mans 24 hours. And in 1964 no sooner than the first cars been delivered they were competing all over the world; popular on the Ice in Sweden, in rallying - including famously at the Monte Carlo, and of course on the circuits, where owing to two small rear seats the cars qualified for both Sports, Touring and “Saloon” classes. There is no better testament to the versatility of the 911 than in the case of “GVB 911D”. This special 911 was the showroom demonstrator of Porsche’s UK concessionaire, AFN and one of the first four 911s ever to turn a wheel in the country. Vic Elford commandeered the car and took part in the inaugural British rallycross event where, despite competition from the likes of the great Roger Clark in a Cortina Lotus, he took victory – In a standard road car! This car and Vic Elford would then go on to win the British Saloon Championship in the same year. The 911’s place in Motorsport royalty was already firmly cemented.

In recent years the SWB 2 litre 911 has proved a versatile car in historic motorsport, always at the front of any 2 Litre Class, whether at the Spa 6 hours, the Masters “Gentleman Drivers”, the GT and Sportscar Cup and so many more - aside from eligibility, the cars “easy to run” reputation and ability to still be used on the road or for Tours and rallies such as the Tour Auto and the Modena Centro Ore have made them favourite amongst rallyists as well. Add to that list their iconic shape and one of the most enjoyable driving experiences of any historic racing car and its not hard to understand why these cars have always had a strong following, but in 2020, for one single reason, the 2.0 911 is now the historic racing car to buy; “The 2 Litre Cup”

Formed in 2018 the 2.0L Cup has taken the historic motor racing scene by storm. The headline championship sees a field of close to 40 identical pre-66 specification 911s take to several high profile European race events and circuits. The series is organised by Patrick Peter of Peter Auto along with several key partners, all with extensive experience in the marque. Tuthill Porsche, Maxted-Page and new-comers, Sports Purpose have worked together to create a fiercely competitive race series attracting a wealth of professional drivers and gentleman driver alike. Each event sees a 40-minute practice session followed by 30 minutes qualifying and a 90-minute race. With the option for 1 or 2 drivers, the series uses a unique driver grading system, allowing gentlemen drivers to complete on a balanced and level playing field. The 2.0L 911 provides the purest 911 driving experience, a fantastic amount of track time and a completely useable road car in one complete package.

This example was built by marque specialists Historika in 2019 using the original and correct early shell for the race series; a left-hand drive example that is additionally UK road registered. In early 2020, both the engine and gearbox were rebuilt by Maxted-Page to full 2020 2.0 Cup specification and upon completion was delivered to Jordan Racing Team. JRT subsequently upgraded the suspension in line with 2020 specification and set the car up for front-running competitive use.

JRT supported the car at a select number of events as very much a front-row car. Run in only a handful of events, this example has very low hours since its rebuild and is absolutely ready for road use or competition, accompanied by valid FIA papers. This example is available to view by appointment immediately; should you be new to competition we can gladly assist in the preparation and running of the car.

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