Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso (1963)

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The upgrades have seen the engine bored out to 3.3 litres, up from the standard 3.0 litre specification; it breathes through 6 carburettors, larger brakes are fitted, which are fed cold air through ducting in place of the omitted inset driving lamps  

The Ultimate Fast-Road Configuration


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The 250 GT Lusso is widely regarded as one of the most elegant and timeless designs by Pininfarina. Introduced in 1962 the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso was Ferrari's latest intermediate model, a vehicle to bridge the gap between competition racers and luxuriously appointed 2+2 Coupe's. Just 351 examples were built between 1963 and late 64. Widely regarded as the epitome of the "La Dolce Vita" few cars can rival the effortless elegance and style of a 250 GT Lusso.

This example was supplied new to Maranello Concessionaires on 2nd October 1963, originally supplied as a demonstrator. Illustrating Colonel Ronnie Hoare’s fondness with blue hues, this example was optioned in Azzurro over Blue Vaumol 3014.

The car would be used for 5,000 miles under the Colonel’s watch, during which time it received a pioneering new sound-deadening kit, fitted by Silent Travel Ltd of Eaton Bray. Certainly the opposing end of the spectrum to its later specification!

The car would have two owners between 1964 and 1972 at which point it was purchased by notable collector and capable driver Richard Colton. Known after his passing for leaving his two prized Ferraris to the RNLI, despite being a shy and private man, Richard was well known in Ferrari circles for his collection, enthusiastic use and methodical servicing. During his 9 year ownership of the Lusso between 1972 and 1981, this car did in fact share a garage with the 250 GT SWB Berlinetta he would retain until his passing in 2015.

Later the car passed to the son of a helicopter magnate and renowned touring car driver Laurence Bristow. Purchasing the Lusso in 1988, he tasked Terry Hoyle with converting the Lusso to FIA race specification ahead of his entrance in the 1989 Coppa D’Italia rally in Puglia. Founded by keen Italian racer Guilio Dubbini, the 1989 event marked the fifth occasion of the rally with cars from 1931-1965 eligible to compete. By this time the car had been repainted in Rosso; Bristow upgraded the engine at the time and fitted a rollbar for safety and subsequently competed once more the following year. This was merely the start of the Lusso’s competition endeavours.

Passing to Richard Taylor in the mid-90s, the Lusso would take part in both the 1997 & 1998 Tour Auto as well as competing at the Coys International Historic Festival in 1997 at the hands of Barry ‘Whizzo’ Williams.

In 1998, this Lusso was purchased by Paul Osborn of Cars International. Seeking a lower-cost V12 Ferrari competition car, certainly compared to the initial outlay of a 250 GT SWB, Osborn identified this Lusso as the ideal candidate. Osborn would seek to further optimise the Lusso for competition, removing weight where possible.

During his ownership the Lusso would compete regularly:

  • 00.04.1998 – Tour Auto – 4th IC, 24th OA – Paul Osborn & David Baines
  • 00.07.1998 – Coys International Festival – Paul Osborn & Tony Dron
  • 00.07.1999 – Coys International Festival – Paul Osborn & Tony Dron
  • 00.10.1999 – Tour de Espana – 3rd IC, 9th OA – Paul Osborn & Robert Clements
  • 00.04.2000 – Tour Auto -3rd IC, 24th OA – Paul Osborn & Robert Clements
  • 00.07.2000 – Coys International Festival – 3rd IC, 16th OA – Paul Osborn & David Clark
  • 00.10.2000 – Classic Adelaide Historic Rally
  • 00.04.2001 – Tour Auto – Paul Osborn & Robert Clements
  • 00.05.2001 – Coys International Festival – RAC TT Celebration – Paul Osborn
  • 00.09.2002 – Goodwood Revival – RAC TT Celebration – Paul Osborn
  • 00.09.2005 – Goodwood Revival Meeting – RAC TT Celebration – Paul Osborn
  • 00.09.2006 – Goodwood Revival Meeting – RAC TT Celebration – Paul Osborn
  • 00.09.2007 – Goodwood Revival Meeting – RAC TT Celebration – Paul Osborn
  • 00.09.2008 – Goodwood Revival Meeting – RAC TT Celebration – Paul Osborn
  • 00.09.2009 – Goodwood Revival Meeting – RAC TT Celebration – Paul Osborn

After this competition stint, the car was refinished in the very fitting hue of Verde Pino and retrimmed in tan. Its competition specification engine 6-carb engine, discrete roll cage, sports exhaust and bumperless appearance remained as subtle hints towards its competition prowess.

Purchased by the current keeper in 2019, this example was once more chosen as the ideal candidate for the ultimate ‘fast-road’ 250 Lusso. DK Engineering was chosen to carry out a comprehensive bare metal restoration of the car, whilst further tailoring the car to the usable on-road performance.

The bare metal work including the removal of the bumper mounts visually, but they remain behind the metal sheetwork should this ever want to be reversed. The most recent hue of Verde Pino was retained and the car looks fabulous. The outside fuel filler was retained and the car has subsequently been fitted with an up to date bag tank. The upgrades have seen the engine bored out to 3.3 litres, up from the standard 3.0 specification; it breathes through 6 carburettors. Larger brakes are fitted which are fed cold air through ducting in place of the omitted inset driving lamps.

Much like that of a Ferrari 599 GTO, the front discs now feature a cooling bracket to channel the cold air directly to the disc. The car has several upgrades from the ultimate racing 250, the GTO. From the outside, the wheel and tyre fitment have been selected. On the inside, the 3.3 litre Colombo V12 finds itself mated to a 5-speed, open-gated GTO style gearbox, its gearstick finding its place at the optimal height just inches from the steering wheel. No mean feat to place in the car, the gearbox alone with its optimised final drive cost upwards of £75,000. The engine note escapes through Snaps exhausts at the rear.

Inside the interior was retrimmed by master Coachtrimmers, O’Rourke of Guildford in Connolly Vaumol 890 Chocolate brown with brown carpets. A half cage finds itself in the cabin, with subtle removable black Schroth harnesses.

Available today following a post-restoration shake down at Millbrook Proving Ground, this fabulous 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso is ready for its next custodian. Affording its next keeper the ultimate, comprehensively restored, fast-road specification example of a elegantly specified 60s GT car; this Lusso is available to view at our showrooms outside London immediately.

  • Comprehensive, bare metal restoration
  • 3.3 Litre Engine
  • 6 carburettors
  • 5-Speed '250 GTO' style open gated manual gearbox
  • Half Roll-Cage
  • Upgraded brakes with cooling ducts
  • External SWB style fuel filler
  • A wealth of performance upgrades
  • Verde Pino over Chocolate
  • Goodwood race history
  • UK Supplied Example
  • Bumper delete with preserved bumper mounts

1963 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso - The Ultimate Fast-Road Configuration

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