Ferrari 365 GTC (1970)

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Restored for DK Engineering founder David Cottingham, this 365 GTC received a degree of attention to detail and quality that was, and still is, unheard of on a GTC. The retail value of the work DK Engineering carried out was in excess of £400,000  

1 of 22 UK Supplied RHD Examples - Comprehensive Restoration

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This vehicle is no longer for sale

The 330 GTC was replaced in 1968 by the superior 365 GTC. The styling remaining almost the same with differences being limited to non-vented front wings and the addition of new vents on the bonnet. The engine was, of course, an enlarged 4.4 Litre engine boasting more torque and horsepower. This vastly improved the performance of the car. The 365 GTC retained the independent rear suspension employing coil springs and wishbones, the same of its immediate predecessor, though this was a relatively recent departure for Ferrari. Brakes and transmission were also substantially improved to match the upgraded motor. Stopping power came from servo-assisted disc brakes all-round with a split circuit system. Integrating the gearbox with the final drive gave the car a balanced 50:50 weight distribution. A 365 GTC is a super rare and highly desirable beast with just 150 examples being built (including 22 UK RHD supplied examples) between the 1968 and 1970 with an on the road price when new of £7,900 (£1,384 more than the outgoing 275 GTB/4).

Please note, this vehicle is no longer for sale.

First ordered by Maranello Concessionaires for their UK dealership in 1970, this example is one of just 22 cars to be supplied new in RHD to the UK. Deviating from the usual specification of light blue for their stock, this 365 GTC was ordered new in the rare period hue of Grigio Mahmoud, a dark grey with undertones of blue.

The history of this 365 GTC is known and documented from new. The impressive history file chronicles work carried out by each of the car’s owners, the mileage covered, and its registration numbers through time. The highlight of this detailed history is surely it’s comprehensively illustrated, concours-level, bare metal restoration by DK Engineering.

This example found home with its first owner on 22nd May 1970, Mr D. Baigler of Wells Street, London. His ownership would see the car receive service work on no fewer than five documented occasions, intermittently throughout his 7 year and 17,500 mile ownership.

The car would change hands in August of 1977, finding residence with Mr Paul Alexander, a close friend of DK's founder David Cottingham as well as a prominent collector and racer. He applied his personal registration mark to the car ‘PJN 1’ Over the course of the next 10 years, he would cover just under 20,000 miles with the car, servicing handled by various Ferrari specialists, including DK Engineering in its earliest years, who rebuilt the differential in 1980. 7 years later, Alexander transferred the car to his wife’s name for two years, covering an additional 1,100 miles or so and re-registering the car ‘PA 222’. By this time, the car had been refinished in Rosso retaining its Nero interior. During her custodianship, the car shared a garage with the ex-Lord Hesketh Porsche 911 3.0 RS!

Succeeding this, the car once more passed into the very capable care of Mr Lentin, who at the time also owned a 340 America Vignale. Lentin would keep the car for 4 years and use the car sparingly, covering just 1,700 miles.

In 1993, this 365 GTC was purchased by Mr Lochlann Quinn of Dublin who would own the car for 20 years. The car was purchased from Nicolas Mee and would be used frequently before resting up for a couple of years. In 2007, Bob Houghton tidied up the car cosmetically, re-chroming all 51 elements of the trim, as well as refinishing the car in a Grigio hue.

In 2012, the car received its Ferrari red book Classiche certification which accompanies the history folio and original book pack today. The car was then purchased by DK's owner and founder David Cottingham in 2013, at which point he instigated a bare metal restoration with the business, creating arguably the finest 365 GTC extant.

The merits of owning and founding a business with restoration so close to its heart, this 365 GTC received a degree of attention to detail and quality that was, and still is, unheard of on a GTC. The retail value of the work was in excess of £400,000. No stone was left unturned during the restoration, and we comprehensively documented the process.

The car was stripped to bare metal, at which point we were able to find a sample of the car's original colour - which enabled us to repaint the car to exactly the correct shade. Following its restoration, David parted ways with the car to fund the ever-growing DK premises – only to buy the car back just one year later. David kept the car for three further years until selling to a close friend in 2020. David Cottingham jumped at the opportunity to own the car once more, as an example we have now known for 43 years!

The history file is with the car and documents the history with invoices and photographs, as well as a copy of the ‘Autocar’ Roadtests booklet, the edition which this very 365 GTC features on the front cover. This car is also accompanied by its Ferrari red book Classiche Certification and original book pack.

Having covered just 500 miles since restoration, this fabulous 365 GTC is available to view at our showrooms outside London by appointment.

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