Ferrari F50 (1996)

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At the F50 heart is a naturally aspirated V-12 engine derived from Ferrari’s 641 F1 car; altered from aluminium to iron as a stress-bearing member of Ferrari's road-going F40-successor  

Classiche Certification - Fresh Major Service & Clutch

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Following in the footsteps of the fabled F40, Ferrari’s F50 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1995. Hugely influenced by Formula 1 design and technology at the time, at the F50 heart was a naturally aspirated V-12 engine derived from Ferrari’s 641 F1 car, campaigned during the 1991 Formula 1 World Championship. With 512 bhp on tap, its Formula 1 origins and 8,000 rpm redline made the engine truly sonorous when driven as its manufacturers intended. Top speed was claimed as being 202 mph and from a standstill, the F50 would sprint to 60 mph from a standstill in 3.8 seconds.

As if its performance wasn’t enough, what truly set the F50 apart from its competitors at the time was its open-top body style, allowing buyers to choose from the closed comfort of a Berlinetta or the thrill of an open-top sports car, and no open-top sports car on sale at the time could match the sheer performance of the F50. Top-down, the driving experience that the F50 provided its lucky driver and passenger was a close as one could get to driving a road-legal Formula 1 car. Only 349 examples would be built, far fewer than the F40 that preceded it.

Please note, this vehicle is no longer for sale.

This F50 was delivered new to Joel Riviere, President of Prestige Racing via Charles Pozzi S.A. of Paris on 24th May 1996. Optioned from new in Rosso Corsa Fer 300/12 over Nero VM8500 with Rosso fabric and Nero 152 carpets, the iconic colourway as most F50s were optioned.

Understanding and appreciating the importance of regular maintenance on high performance cars, Riviere ensured that the F50 was diligently maintained by supplying dealer Charles Pozzi Ferrari. Despite using the car sparingly and averaging just 700 miles a year over the course of his 10 year ownership, the F50 returned to Charles Pozzi on five separate occasions.

The car remained in France and was seen at several iterations of the Ferrari Paris relay and the Sport et Collection annual meetings. Later the car was sold to Germany where it would serviced by Ferrari Gohm of Boblingen.

Upon arrival at DK Engineering in late 2023, we first inspected the car, before carrying out a major service and recommissioning works in our workshops. Some minor oil leaks were noted during the inspection and subsequently rectified, aided by our detaching of the engine from the monocoque. Whilst removed from the car, our engine builder went through the unit to ensure all was in order, during which time the cam covers were refinished in the crinkled black appearance in addition to the coolant and oil tank.

Further ensuring this F50 is ready to be used and enjoyed, the car was fitted with a new fuel cell, clutch, and brake pads on all corners of the car. Taking full advantage of the engine being removed from the car, the opportunity for our detailer to go through the engine bay was given, unimpeded by mechanical obstruction.

Reassembled, this wonderful Ferrari F50 has since been photographed and today presents alongside its history folio, Ferrari red book Classiche Certification and flightcase. With just 12,800 kilometres from new and with a clean bill of health from our workshops, this F50 awaits its next custodian, available to view at our showrooms outside London by appointment.

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