Ferrari 512 TR Spider (1993)

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Lorenz & Rankl made their name creating bespoke convertibles of Mercedes Benz and Ferrari models. Their experience extended to a full convertible version of both Ferrari’s 308 and 512 BB. They converted 5 Testarossas to convertible configuration, but would make just 1 512 TR  

The sole Lorenz & Rankl 512TR Spider


23,600 Kms
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The 512 TR was the replacement for the Testarossa, and was announced for the 1992 model year. The new car witnessed a return to a model title using characters, with the figure "5" referring to the cubic capacity of the engine in litres and the "12" to the number of cylinders, whilst the "TR" was an abbreviation of Testarossa (Testa Rossa). The main external visual differences were the nose and tail treatment, the louvre design on the engine lid and the design of the road wheels. There was also a barely noticeable different profile to the sail panel buttresses, which were plain and flowed directly into the roof panel on the 512 TR, instead of featuring the step and black perforated exhaust air grilles of the Testarossa. Internally there were changes to the seats, steering wheel design and trim details. Mechanically there were numerous changes to the engine and gearbox, which boosted power, and provided a more satisfying and positive to use gearbox. Not visually apparent was that the engine and transmission assembly location in the chassis had been dropped by 30mm, to lower the centre of gravity, and thus improve the already high standard of roadholding.

The net result of these changes was a jump in the claimed power output of 38bhp to 428bhp @ 6750rpm for European models and 421bhp at the same engine speed for US models. The increased power provided improved acceleration, although the top speed was still in line with that of its predecessor.

This 512 TR sits apart from others.
This 512 TR was supplied new to the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, care of official Ferrari importers to the region, Red Sea Motors in Jeddah, on 1st June 1993. Immensely passionate about the Ferrari marque, the family were visited by members of the Brunei Royal Family, at their embassy in Riyadh. After a discussion about some new bespoke projects due to arrive in Brunei from Pininfarina, the Saudi Royal Family were enamoured at the sight of a new special project developed in partnership with Hong Seh Motors of Singapore. Ferrari were set to build three 512 TR Spiders.
Immediately after the Brunei Royal Family departure, the Saudi Royals contacted Pininfarina in an attempt to secure their own example. Unfortunately, with such strong ties to Brunei, Pininfarina had to reject the request.

Seeking an alternative option, the Saudi Royal Family reached out to renowned German coachbuilders Lorenz & Rankl. Formerly carrying out conversion work on behalf of tuners Koenig as well a wealth of desert hunting vehicles for various Middle Eastern Royal families, Lorenz & Rankl had made their name making bespoke convertibles of Mercedes Benz and Ferrari models. Their experience extended to a full convertible version of Ferrari’s 308 and 512 BB. They converted 5 Testarossas to convertible configuration, but would make just 1 512 TR.

Leaving the care of its commissioning Royal owner in 2014. It had been stored for a number of years in the Palace garage without use. The TR was sold to a close family friend who had the car fully stripped and serviced, refinishing the car in the Rosso Corsa it presents in today. The restoration took over a year and was completed in 2016. It was used sparingly by the second owner, covering 2,500 kilometres over the next four years, all of which were still in Saudi Arabia. The car was serviced by both Al Tayer Motors and Euro Motors Bahrain during this time.
This example was purchased by the current owner in 2020, and, with permission of the Royal Family it was exported to the USA. Since its arrival in the USA, it has undergone registration, now holding a full US title and been serviced on two further occasions, including a major service with cambelts by Omega Motorsport in 2020.

Accompanied by its luggage,a book pack including service book and tools, this 512 TR by Lorenz & Rankl is a fantastic means to enjoy Ferrari’s 4.9 twelve cylinder. This example is available for viewings by appointment in Miami.

  • The sole Lorenz & Rankl 512TR Spider
  • Former property of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family
  • Accompanied by its luggage, a bookpack and tools
  • 23,600 kms from new
  • Fitted with an upgraded Koenig exhaust
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