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Porsche 993 GT2

RHD - 1 of 7 UK RHD Cars - 2 Owners From New

This Porsche 993 GT2 is no longer available. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

This vehicle is no longer for sale

In 1995 Porsche introduced the new 993. Although they were probably unaware at the time this was to be the last of the iconic air-cooled 911s. In competition, all-wheel-drive had been banned by most sanctioning bodies by the mid-1990s. This was as a result of Porsche's success with the four-wheel drive 961, Audi's rally wins with the Quattro, and the later track success of the Nissan Skyline. This presented a problem for Porsche, whose Turbo was fitted with four-wheel drive; the solution was simple and this was the GT2, which was built with rear wheel drive only. A side benefit turned out to be significant weight savings, and the GT2 was instantly competitive.

A factor of Porsche's intention to go racing was that they had to build a number of road legal GT2s in order to homologate the model for racing. At about 430 horsepower the 3.6L twin turbo flat six ran higher boost than the standard Turbo model and developed almost as much horsepower as the racers and was mated to a manual six speed gearbox. The GT2 shared the cutaway wings with the Carrera RS and had removable and replaceable bolt-on flares in order to fit wider wheels for racing and quickly fix crash damage. The Large rear wing provided additional down-force, with air intakes on the sides for the engine. With saving weight in mind the bonnet and doors were aluminum and the side and rear window glass was thinner. In addition the three-piece, light alloy Speedline wheels had magnesium spiders. In fact the body was lowered by 20mm compared to the 911 Turbo to reduce drag.

It is believed that just 57 road-going GT2s were built. Factory RHD was even rarer still and just 7 UK specification cars were built. This example offered for sale by DK Engineering is one of those 7 built UK specification, "C16", Factory road GT2s. The car is presented in its specification as per the factory order on file of Arctic Silver with Black/Grey Leather Bucket Seats and with the sole optional extra of a graduated tint windscreen all in all making the car a very appropriate clubsport-esque specification.

The first and original owner of the car collected it new from the factory in March 1997. The first owner kept the car for 13 years until selling it in 2010 to its second and current owner. He had used the car very sparingly and at that time it had covered just 8,600 Miles from new. Today the car has covered 9,500 Miles and is presented in superb and unmolested condition. It is accompanied by its service records and original book pack with all important original service book.

GT2s very seldom come to market, many road cars were converted to race cars in period but rarer still does one in the uber rare RHD format become available and especially one as correct and superb as this car. Simply, this is not an opportunity to be missed.