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Dino 246 GT

accompanied by a most extensive history file with original order forms and maintenance records dating back to 1974 as well as the car's original numbered Warranty Card and pouch  

RHD - E-Series

Price: £324,995

The much sought-after Ferrari 246 Dino GT was named after Enzo Ferrari's son Alfredino, who died in 1956, aged 24 years. Enzo Ferrari credits his son with the inspiration for a series of successful small and medium capacity V6 racing engines built by Ferrari from 1956, and in turn the name was given to a new line of mid-engined production Ferrari V6 coupés, which first went on sale in 1969. The Dino 246GT has proved to be one of the most satisfying and successful automobiles built by Ferrari and paved the way for the emerging generation of mid-engined Ferraris. It is widely regarded as one of the best-handling and most gratifying automobiles of the early 70s, it is one of the most attractive, delicately balanced designs ever produced by the masters at Pininfarina. As a result Dinos have enjoyed a well-deserved recent surge in popularity.

This UK RHD "E-Series" 246 Dino GT was ordered on the 6th March 1973 in "Ferrari Light Red" with Nero 161 Upholstery with optional Power-operated windows, and complete with five wheels and tyres. It was first delivered via Maranello Concessionaires for their dealer Ian Anthony Ltd of Manchester, who in turn sold to this Dino to its first private owner, a Mr P Bryan of Staffordshire. Mr Bryan maintained the car via supplying dealer Ian Anthony Ltd for a number of years before Mr Brian Henry Mussell later purchased the car in 1975.

During Mr Mussell's, he would subject the car to two comprehensive services by Maranello Concessionaires and Dick Lovett. Mr Mussell parted with the Dino just under one year later when he subsequently sold the car to Mr John Dimond on the 9th February 1976. Mr Dimond later sold the 246, with 26,600 Miles reading on the odometer, via dealer Bell & Colvill Ltd to Mr Borrowman of Edinburgh. At the same time they completed a service and pre-delivery inspection. In July, 1981 the car was then sold to its longest standing owner, Mr Charles M.M. Munro, for the sum of £8,500.

Mr Munro registered the car under his wife's name Annette Isabelle Munro. Remarkably, the Munro family kept the car 34 years until March, 2005, caring for it with a fastidious nature. The supporting history file shows the attention in which this family paid to the car with a no expense spared approach to maintenance, always completed by well-respected specialists. In 2008 the car was subject to a comprehensive cosmetic restoration, in which the body was taken back to bare metal and painted to an exceptional finish with photos of said work in the accompanying history file.

Its most recent owner purchased this wonderful Dino in December, 2012 with just 67,031 Miles reading on the odometer. Shortly after its purchase, and wanting to the interior to match the exceptional condition of the exterior and mechanical systems, it was decided to place the car into the most capable hands of "Rorky" at O'Rourke Coach trimmers where a re-trim to the most exacting standards was completed. Given the trim was upgraded from Vinyl to the leather, the original interior has also been retained and will accompany the car. In its most recent tenure, it has been cared for periodically by marque specialist Mototechnique.

Today this exceptional Dino has covered just 69,100 Miles and comes accompanied by a most extensive history file with original order forms and maintenance records dating back to 1974 as well as the car's original numbered Warranty Card and pouch. Most recently the cars longest standing owner Charles Munro visited DK Engineering and was reunited with the car him and his family once held so closely. He shared stories of his many visits to concours competitions in which he regularly returned with silverware and remarkably returned the original Dino Handbook which had been separated from the car when he parted with it.

To ensure it is "on the button", DK Engineering have most recently carried out a most thorough mechanical re-commission including, an overhaul of the brake calipers, refresh engine bay replacing any perished items, re-build suspension dampers and replace suspension bushes, fitment of four tyres, adjustment of the clutch linkage and tuned both ignition and fuel systems. As a result, this beautiful Dino is resplendent once again and is presented in its original colour and still fitted with its matching numbers engine.

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