10th Anniversary Donington Historic LIVE (1st /2nd May)

As you may have seen, in light of the ongoing global situation and changes to the restrictions regarding large scale events it has been decided that the much anticipated 10th Anniversary Donington Historic this weekend will no longer be able to host guests in person.

DK Engineering, as you will know- is dedicated to classic motorsport and we were already heavily involved by sponsoring two races at the event. Firstly the 3 Hour Pall Mall Cup; a race of three classes with cars from pre-61, pre-63 and pre-66 cars, and secondly the GT40-specific Amon Cup which we hope helps to fill the void left by the absence of this year’s European race series.

Made aware in the past week that there were no plans to broadcast the event, we have made the proactive move to sponsor and enable the live streaming of the full event. In a rather restricted year, we wanted to be able to share the experience with as many enthusiasts as possible, especially when we can’t share it in person! We know nothing beats the atmosphere of a live event but we’re hoping this will go some way towards sharing the experience with you and keeps the enthusiasm going until we are able to welcome you back!

The stream will be available on a new page on our site; www.dkeng.co.uk/live - and it will of course be free to watch on Saturday from 13:00(GMT) and Sunday from 11:00(GMT).

Whilst we can’t guarantee the weather we can be certain there will be some close-quarters racing in the UK after a very quiet few months!

We hope you’ll be able to tune in!

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