Success for DK at Silverstone in 2021's Final Race Meeting

The last weekend of October would play host to the final race meeting of the year for the team at DK Engineering. Taking part in Motor Racing Legends Silverstone GP Meeting on Silverstone’s Grand Prix Circuit, team DK saw action in two races across the weekend: the RAC Pall Mall Cup and the Amon Cup for GT40s.

First up in the Amon Cup, seven GT40s were present on the grid, including 1MUF run by ADP Classic Racing and piloted by James Cottingham and Oliver Bryant. Qualifying in second position, the team held second place until passing the Griffiths/Shedden GT40 at lap 16 for the lead. 1MUF held the lead for four laps before being passed back by the Griffiths/Shedden car. Later in the race, the car developed an oil pressure issue, forcing a second pit stop and leaving 1MUF in third by the time the chequered flag dropped, behind the Cook/Cuff GT40 in second with the Griffiths/Shedden car taking the victory.

For the RAC Pall Mall Cup, Harvey Stanley and Jeremy Cottingham were behind the wheel of the Huffaker E-Type (also prepared by ADP) James and Max Girardo shared a Lister-Jaguar Costin, and James also shared Richard Cook’s Shelby Cobra, prepared by Pursuit. James and Richard Cook qualified 6th in the Cobra, James and Max qualified 7th, and Jeremy and Harvey qualified in 9th. Both the E-Type and the Lister got off to a brilliant start, with the E-Type taking the lead during the third lap. James managed to sprint to first from his qualifying position of seventh and then unfortunately spun later on the first lap, forcing him to regain those gained positions and more. Once James was back on track, the Lister quickly moved back up the field to slide into the lead on the seventh lap, where it would stay for the remainder of the race. Once handing the car over to Max, James did not join Richard in the Cobra as it was forced to DNF, Max did an excellent job of holding first for his stint, giving the car back to James who took the chequered flag. Harvey and Jeremy also had an excellent performance, finishing 7th overall and winning their class.

DK Engineering and ADP Classic Racing sponsored the weekend’s live stream, providing both live footage of the racing along with some trackside commentary, including commentary from Harvey Stanley during the Amon Cup. Weekend viewership totalled in approximately 23,000 views, an excellent turnout for a late-season event.

A thrilling conclusion to this year’s racing season, we can’t wait to get back on track in 2022!

Photos courtesy of Scott Dennis, Jeff Bloxham, and Andrew Coles (@agr_andrew)

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