The Female-Only Rallye des Princesses Richard Mille by Peter Auto

The Rallye des Princesses Richard Mille is a 100% women event dedicated to those who are passionate lovers of collector cars and motor sport. This regularity rally has been held for more than 20 years on the most beautiful roads in France and it unites exceptional women around the same exclusive passion.

Taking place from 3rd – 8th of June, DK Engineering’s own Porsche 911 2.7 RST was piloted by Frida Cottingham and accompanied by Monique Hanekom for the 1,600 km journey, discovering the most beautiful roads in France towards the French Riviera, the Sun, and the Sea.

The choice of car used in the events is simple, anything launched between 1946 and 1985, meaning the ladies have more than enough choice when it comes to picking the winning machine. Variety in vehicular form is exactly what makes this event special, with each car being divided into seven groups with three speed averages – low, intermediate, and high.

Starting from Place Vendôme in Paris, the crews headed for Beaune, Megève, Alpe d’Huez, les Baux de Provence, and to finish their route along the Riviera in Nice, where guests were greeted with some fantastic food and drink to celebrate the occasion.

81 different cars with drivers and navigators competed in the rally, with DK’s own 2.7 RST taking joint first overall on one of the regularity stages within the rally driven by Frida and Monique co-piloting. Overall, Frida and Monique triumphed taking 35th place out of the total 81 cars – a monumental achievement considering it was their first ever rally!

After almost a week of what can only be described as an unforgettable occasion, the tour concludes in the ornate 19th Place de Massena, overlooking the shores of the Mediterranean. A perfect setting to have ended a perfect few days.

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