A Summary of the 2023 Monterey Car Week

It has been over a week since the DK team became a part of the unmatched scale of Monterey Car week, which was a centre of focus for enthusiasts all over the world. From the very cutting edge of modern hyper cars, to vintage pre-war concours, the scope of Car Week is second to none.

The auctions were as intense as ever, with extremely notable cars selling such as one of only 16 original Jaguar XKSS and the pioneering Maranello Concessionaires 412P – Which became the fifth most expensive car ever to sell at a public auction. Sales for over 1200 cars across five auctions during the week totalled a fantastic $400 million. It is great to see the continued growth and solidity of a market that could have sceptically been assumed to be affected by the post pandemic economy.

A trend throughout the week, and especially noticeable at the Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance, was the increase in desirability and appreciation of cars that were recently considered modern classics, becoming a deeper part of the history of the motorcar. Never before had cars as recent as the 1990s such as Lamborghini Diablos, which shared in the 60th anniversary celebrations of The Raging Bull, played such a prevalent part in a concourse which in recent memory was considered as an event that catered towards automobiles of a much older vintage.

Despite a myriad of events that could have been attended, it was a great pleasure to garner such interest towards Casa DK, which for the second year running we hosted a social morning of cars and coffee. For this edition, we expanded to include a pleasing variety of modern and classic cars, a progression from the swathe of F50s that got together at the same location a year prior. The attendees included modern and classic Porsches, a McLaren Senna, and a LaFerrari, amongst many other special cars.

With a Pagani Zonda F ClubSport and LaFerrari Aperta to hand, we partook in Exotics on Broadway, which becomes an epicentre of hypercar royalty whenever the event takes place. We proceeded to sell the Zonda that same week, with the LaFerrari available to view by appointment in the United States.

Another highlight for DK was having the dominant blue 750 Monza, chassis number 0502M, displayed at the forefront of the lawn at the infinitely prestigious Pebble Beach. The car was sold by us in 2021 and it is always an honour to have a car with such a prolific American race history, that was once in our care, being displayed on American soil. A 250 GT Berlinetta SWB, chassis number 3233GT, which was rehomed by DK in 2022, also made an appearance on the lawn of Pebble Beach.

The scale and density of the Monterey Car week is always incomparable, and this year was no exception. It was great to be a part of the spectacle, surrounded by cars and our friends across the pond. As ever, we are looking forward to just how much more there can possibly be in store for this time next year.

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